Recommended: Manni Dee – Your Public Image

It’s been two years since Leyla Records first made contact with Human Image, and it’s at the hand of the Amsterdam-based label’s inaugurator, Manni Dee, that we receive its eighth instalment: Your Public Image. The label prides itself on delivering headstrong, industrial-leaning techno and this four-tracker does just that.

Fans of Dee will be familiar with his penchant for evoking political themes through nomenclature, and in the current diplomatic climate, it’s great to see someone speaking (or shouting) their mind. “Insurrection Erection” lays down the Briton’s mission statement with the first kick drum. Led by the vocals of Joke Lanz (known for his work as Sudden Infant), the track unfolds frantically and unapologetically. Though the track bears but a smattering of elements, Manni Dee utilises each component to its full potential. There’s always a risk of verging on cacophony when working with a vocalist from the realms of post-punk, however Lanz keeps things quite classy with his offerings to the track, offering some soul to the deep war drums.

“Estrangement Between” and “Combination Acts” both seem to give a little nod and wink to the works of Karl O’Connor AKA Regis. The former has an air of O’Connor’s “Blood Witness” about it and the latter shows similarities to his collaboration with Surgeon as British Murder Boys, all the while keeping things Manni Dee. The EP draws to a close with “the Jingoism Stench”, where Dee elevates the BPM considerably and unleashes his political discontent through a barrage of rhythmic percussion and capacious acid stabs. This EP is what Manni Dee is all about. Flexing his influences over four tracks to the best effect, Your Public Image chronicles some of his best work to date.

Manni Dee – Your Public Image is out this summer on Leyla Records and available for vinyl and digital pre-order here.

Jena Sivakuma