Recommended: Juniper – Aramaic EP

Showcasing their strength in creating distinct soundscapes, the latest from Dan Mumberson and Reuben Holt as Juniper marks an impressive return to the Meandyou label for the first time since 2013. On the Aramaic EP, the pair take their sound to darker territory than past releases, further honing their particular amalgamation of spacey house and techno.

Pulsating opener “Indigo Children” embarks on an unpredictable voyage of shifting rhythms and intermittent turbulence, piloted with ethereal phasers and a full-throttle kick drum. Following as an abrupt transmission, “Life Source Negative” loops a beautifully alien voice over a hypnotic beat, furthering the otherworldly atmosphere. It’s an alluring digital dub interspersed with signals and static, finely illustrating Juniper’s futuristic approach to the dancefloor.

Locked groove “Infinite Dub” acts as a moment of transition, visiting scenes in repetition before abruptly coming to a halt. Arriving on another planet, the record’s B-side slows to investigate alternative forms of life, reflected in its varied pace and experimental sounds. On “Edicts of Ashoka”, there’s a feeling of weightlessness to the airy synths and reverberating percussion, like experiencing a sudden shift in gravity.

Finally, “Crystal Analysis” takes a step closer to uncovering this world’s mysteries. An explorer’s determined footsteps echo in the form of tambourines, while distant arpeggiators dance unsettlingly in an effort to obscure the landscape. This tension is offset by lively synth work, creating a sense of hope and highlighting the duo’s open-armed approach to unusual sonic combinations. Through their productions over the years and especially with this latest EP, Juniper continue to craft a unique musical language that’s both inspired and thought-provoking.

Juniper’s Aramaic EP will be released on April 24th, available here.

Taylor Trostle