Premiere: White Visitation – Horizontal Dub

Mexico City’s Nicolas Guerrero returns to Blank Slate as White Visitation once again, sharing an EP of techno with one foot in the dancefloor and one foot out. As well as becoming a regular home of sorts for Michał Wolski and releasing a favourite of ours, Düve’s “Karv” (thank you Beatrice Dillon for the tip), Blank Slate have cultivated a small but eloquent garden of off-kilter techno and house that only looks set to grow, what with White Visitation joining them for the third year on the bounce. Having previously released on RVNG Intl. and L.I.E.S., White Visitation’s music respectfully bears the hallmarks of hazy dub techno. On “Horizontal Dub”, he practises subtlety and playfulness, pairing slowly encroaching synths with a swarm of impatiently knocking percussion and restless hi-hats. Atmospheric noise is delicately torn in two as White Visitation places the listener on two differently-paced conveyor belts at once.

White Visitation – Blank Slate 013 drops May 15th on Blank Slate and you can pre-order it now.