Premiere: LA-4A – Capacitance

Kevin McHugh has spent the last few years redefining his sound as LA-4A, focusing on what he terms “roots techno” after a long period working as Ambivalent. This direction is at its most palpable on his debut album Phonautograph, which is inspired by the redundancy of futurism. Tracks are titled after and inspired by obsolete technologies, from the titular early sound-recording device and the semantron, used to call monks to prayer, right up to the relatively freshly dumped dialup (which you can hear on the track); “Technologies that helped create a ‘tomorrow’, but were quickly obsolete by the time that tomorrow arrived,” as LA-4A puts it himself. The track we’re premiering here is “Capacitance”, and appropriately enough it’s brimming with electrical charge, acid fizzing through its core.

LA-4A – Phonautograph is out on Delft on May 20.

Aidan Hanratty

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