Premiere: Lumigraph – Spectacular Times

Lumigraph is an Irish artist whose releases have been few but calculated since his first EP, a split release on (what was then) a digital-only Dublin label called First Second in 2012. Since then he’s put out a record on Mister Saturday Night, a tape on Opal Tapes, and has appeared on compilations and split releases from Where To Now?, Farbwechsel (as Black Mold with Max Ravitz, aka Patricia) and MMODEMM, to name a few. His latest release comes on Major Problems, who have steadily been making a name for themselves as a powerhouse of Irish electronic music. Entitled Bulletproof Holiday, it showcases Lumigraph’s powerful, discordant approach, which is laced with mutant energy and club-ready panache. “The Power Broker” is an uptempo number with a simple riff at daring intervals, a rare beast that is both hard and gentle. “Garbage 4 Garbage” is all hard though, a rough and abrasive track that stomps and parades around with undeniable swagger. The title track, which closes the release, is relatively restrained by the standards of its compatriots, a slow-build with just as much mechanical crunch but in more steady fashion, less wild and reckless, approaching but never reaching free abandon. “Spectacular Times”, though, which we can premiere for you today, is a heavyweight among equals. Percussion that just snaps, enormous synth motifs, indescribable sounds somewhere between drums and synths that keep the track hurtling forth with power that seems to come from some extra-terrestrial being, it leaves one at once invigorated and utterly worn out.

Lumigraph – Bulletproof Holiday is out soon on Major Problems

Aidan Hanratty

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