Truancy Volume 121: Art Crime

For our 121st Truancy Volume we’re excited to have landed our first venture into Russian territory in the form of a mix by Moscow based producer Art Crime. Tapped by the always on point Willie Burns last year for a stellar debut on his label WT Records, the release became somewhat of a sleeper hit, gradually garnering more and more traction from a range of DJs towards the end of the year, yet still being somewhat overlooked in our opinion. Titled Never Look Back the record proved to be a very versatile offering from the young producer, moving between piano driven house anthems to low slung after hour soothers. Whilst piano led house was everywhere for a second, stand out track ‘Release’ with its slightly unpolished tapey finish working to it’s advantage, punches way above the mark than its comparisons and will more than likely stand the test of time better than them too. Despite being painfully absent from a lot of 2014 end of year lists, DJs such as Bicep have been strong supporters of the track and Art Crime in general having laid Release over with an Ellis D acapella to spine-tingling effect in their Essential Mix and featured him many times over on their blog. Still receiving messages on the record a year later, we’re hopeful on his Truancy Volume possibly getting him some more.

Since then he’s been quietly working on a follow up after Phonica showed interest in releasing an old track of his called ‘Obsession’. This beautifully materialised into another four track EP which came out recently in May, consisting of two old tracks and two newly produced ones. The record, inspired by love and passion according to the man himself, continues in a similar vein the WT one. Piano keys and chords make a welcome return, yet in a more matured restrained fashion. With another record coming out imminently on Crème Organization we thought it was the right time to finally ask him for a mix. Filled with a ton of music and artists we’ve never heard before alongside some more recognisable names such as Villalobos, this mix gives us more reason to be believe Art Crime will be out of Russia touring very soon.


51717 – Regard
Robert del Naja – BC
Monoton – Tanzen & Singen
Escape Force – L1
Hmot – Khronos
Carlos Peron – Her Head Is Brakin Intu Foor (Kelvin Maximix)
Ricardo Villalobos – Mormax
Chris Gray – eyefolds and straight jackets
Pixel Music – Unsubstance
Bernadott – Showed it
Robotiko Rejekto – Communication
Die Form – The Hate 2
Art Crime – Distant
Rutherford – Three Hours

Art Crime: Soundcloud, Discogs


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