Recommended: Erosion Flow – Spectrums Vol. 1

Danish producer Henrik Koefod (aka Erosion Flow) returns with the Spectrums Vol. 1 EP, the first of a two-part release forthcoming on Martyn’s label 3024. Following his excellent self-titled debut on George Fitzgerald’s ManMakeMusic label last year, Koefod’s new release has him exploring the percussive side of things. Still present are the cooing samples and wriggling synths from his last release, but here they are used with more subtlety; softer moments amidst rolling rhythms and deep lows. Each track represents a noticeable increase in energy from the ManMakeMusic EP, perhaps influenced by his own Copenhagen club night, Rare Nights.

Opening track “Da Heckler” features a playful and broken drum pattern, interspersed with obtuse murmurings and shifting melodies. The fluttering “Gamma” sweeps the listener up in its feverish beat whilst metallic arpeggios flap overhead. “Emeralds” is a spectral procession, lead by haunting brass and powered by the pumping of distant machinery. Throughout the EP, pinpoint percussion serves as the underlying structure for more surreal, dreamlike overtones which give emotive context to the rhythmic barrage. Inspired by the “sound of color,” these tracks are as vibrant as they are propulsive, blurring the lines between techno, house, and UK garage into something unique and unheard.

Spectrums Vol. 1 will be released November 9th on 3024

Words by Taylor Trostle