Temporary Trax: Miss Modular – No Clouds

If you’ve been following our Functions Of The Now series, you’ll know that Miss Modular and Sudanim are responsible for one of its biggest hits to date. Her Records have continued their course up to the stratosphere since then and we’re delighted to be working with them once more for the first few iterations of Temporary Trax. First up is “No Clouds” by Miss Modular. In line with what we’ve come to expect from him and the label he represents, it’s a dynamic, vibrant 8 bar weapon that’s as bound to Jersey club and the likes of Rustie and Hudson Mohawke as it is to grime. It’s also spectacularly funky, which makes a whole lot of sense when you consider what the track’s source material is. We got in touch with Miss Modular to talk about this, his process for remixing and more besides.

“It was started and finished in the same day. Maybe a 10 A.M to 4 P.M session in my home studio, which isn’t actually a studio. At the moment it’s my laptop, a pair of Beyer DT770s and a basic, broken midi controller. Suda and CYPHR were playing on NTS and at The Alibi that night so I thought I’d build something for it. I had listened to this new Prince song, “Clouds,” and heard about four things I wanted to sample in the first twenty seconds! His sound palette is really influential in dance music. Perfect claps and snares. “Clouds” itself is kinda throwback. I dig it and it’s cute, but I don’t really have much use for it on it’s own. I don’t think I’d ever play it out, whereas I used to work in things like “Erotic City” and the 12” mix of “Little Red Corvette” quite a lot in my sets. So I was chopping it up as I was listening, rather than playing it through all the way, really taking things out of context. It was more of an experiment to see what I could do with the sounds, some sort of personal challenge, and wasn’t until I heard the “Kiss on the neck” refrain that it really became a remix. It’s actually one of the only tracks I’ve made recently without a broader project in mind so it seemed perfect for this! The Functions of The Now mix we did just under a year ago was our first feature and maybe the thing that actually made people listen to us so we’re really happy to be working together again!”


Temporary Trax: Ever since the inception of Truants, we have been proudly dedicated to providing you with the best content while remaining free of advertising and other external influences. We’ve managed to do this through a certain level of self-funding, as well as through donations from our wonderful readers. It goes without saying that this means an awful lot to us and we’ve been hard at work to offer you something a little more tangible in return. Temporary Trax is a new feature in which we offer you the chance to download something completely exclusive in exchange for a donation. 100% of your donation goes towards our running costs. Each track will stay live for two weeks and once we roll it out you can no longer get the previous offering. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. We’re also delighted to be working with graphic designer Taylor Trostle to deliver you an exclusively designed piece of artwork with every new instalment. Mixing engineer Jeremy Cox also continues the impeccable work he does with Her Records and others on “No Clouds”.

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Matt Coombs