Exclusive: Kozee – Let’s Ride

There’s no doubt that you’ll have read a lot about how 2013 was the year in which many genres saw their emergence/re-emergence. In some cases this will be true, but a look back at Moveltraxx’s releases suggests that there may well be heaps you’ve simply been missing out on. Taking all of your favourite genres and prefixing them with “ghetto” since 2007, label head Big Dope P has picked up the pace since the turn of the decade and shown a dedication to putting out the best of hip-hop edged club music. Next up for Da Movelt Posse is the sixth in a series of compilation releases. Tackling straight up hip-hop, footwork, tropical bass, Jersey Club and pretty much anything else you might find yourself throwing down to, #DMP6 is 15 tracks worth of bass driven energetic bounce from artists such as DJ Earl and MikeQ, whilst also featuring a collaborative effort from Ed Banger all star Feadz and Big Dope P himself.

There was, however, one track that stood out to us from the very first listen and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it for you. What was it that made it stand out from the rest? Could it be the effortless, soulful nature of this take on footwork or, perhaps, the inspired choice of vocal sample that’s sure to burrow its way into your mind? We’re not entirely sure. In fact, we could wax lyrical about this track for days but who better to walk you through Kozee’s “Let’s Ride” than the genre conquering producer herself?

“First off, the name “Let’s Ride” is for all my California fam. It’s sort of in memory of us and those who will always ride with me no matter where we’re all at geographically. The sample? Well, I love me some Jaheim. I’m a huge R&B fan. I was lucky enough to grow up in a time where I have memories associated with all the tracks of this era so it’s great to be able to create something new with them. I had downloaded the acapella so I was basically just going to do an edit of the original but then when I started to write it I think I wanted to do something new, something that I hadn’t tried before. I’d been DJing footwork for a bit and incorporating it into my sets for about a year previous to writing it. I know my sound will never be exactly like that of a Chicago footwork producer and I don’t want it to. Still, I hope it has a good reach to people who like footwork/jungle/old school hardcore/R&B and people who are just getting into 160bpm music. I’ll often send Moveltraxx tunes that I’m working on or have finished and they REALLY loved this one! I think it’s great that they promote all the Midwest and East Coast club music and that they continue to push these artists and give them some spotlight. Their newest compilation is my favourite thus far and I am very honoured to have been included in it.”

Stream: Kozee – Let’s Ride (Moveltraxx)

#DMP6 is released digitally on the 28th January. Pre-order now from Juno.

Matt Coombs


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