Announcement: Happy Fourth Birthday!

Happy fourth birthday, Truants! Officially, I missed the date by a couple of days but I wanted to take this opportunity to write you all a little thank you note. Shouts out to you all for building such an inspiring platform over the last years and for continuously pushing great content and music, and with me there are many others who think the same. Every day I am both amazed about and thankful for the great words and records I stumble across on here, and I’m even more thankful to be working with such a lovely crew of people. Thank you Truants, stay schemin’ forever. Truants hundred times ten, keep it one hundred forever. Bon anniversaire, here’s to our next year!

A big thank you to our current and past contributors: Sin Shyam, Riccardo Villella, Jess Melia, Donny Marks, Eliot Brammer, Koyejo Oloko, Matt Coombs, Gabriel Herrera, Warren O’Neill, Kyle Brayton, Matt Gibney, Sophie Kindreich, Antoin Lindsay, Aidan Hanratty, Georgette Bibber, Afi Baaqi, Joe Linden, Tobias Shine, Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura, Cayley MacArthur, Erin Mathias, Eradj Yakubov, Stephanie Neptune, Oli Grant, Joe Jackson, Jon Alcindor, Michael Scala, Michelle Myers, Simon Docherty, Tim Willis, Tayyab Amin, Matt Lutz, Ian Maxwell, Thos Henley, Tom Brown, Ross J. Platt, Maya Kalev, Peter Meeuwsen, Jack Murphy, Gabe Meier, Oscar Thompson, Mike Deegan Jr, Sven Swift, Sam Billetdeaux, Sarah Maria Elvira, Louis Helliker-Hales, Luke Dubuis and Sel Bulut.

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Soraya Brouwer

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