Recommended: Tessela – Hackney Parrot / Helter Skelter

There’s no questioning that 2012 was Tessela’s breakout year. With just a few records he solidified his sound and spot on the shortlist of unique new UK talent. After appearing on a multitude of labels including 2nd Drop Records and Punch Drunk, it seems fitting for him to start something of his own (this is almost like a right of passage these days). In comes Poly Kicks freshly christened from its inaugural release “Hackney Parrot / Helter Skelter” from the man himself. There’s no word on the direction he plans on taking the label, but from the sounds of this record we’re sure he has a few tricks up his sleeve.

The track that garnered the most hype is “Hackney Parrot”, a jungle and hardcore indebted tune with an infectious vocal. In comparison to what’s in vogue at the moment it stands out and from the handful of DJs we’ve seen reach for this tune it’s a killer. When was the last time you heard a track based around breaks and bass go off so well? The single note bass tone does sound incredibly awkward, but makes complete sense in the context of the track. It’s as if someone mixed a tapered screech in with sub bass. Though everyone will be talking about “Hackney Parrot”, the real gem is “Helter Skelter”, which could potentially be inspired by Paul McCartney (it’s probably not). This one is much less immediate, but revolves around similar sounds, mainly the breaks. We could have easily confused this with Paul Woolford’s Special Request project. The focus here is definitely on the kicks; they are piercing – it’s as if someone’s slamming a door in your face or stomping on stairs with an iron boot. Then an equally retrospective rave’esque melody comes in (think the Peverelist’s “Dance Til The Police Come”). It’s brilliant and in our books more memorable then the flip’s crowd-pleasing vocals and bass. Tessela is kicking off the label on a strong note, now hopefully he follows up with records that come off just as fresh.

Stream: Tessela – Hackney Parrot / Helter Skelter (Poly Kicks)

Tessela’s Hackney Parrot / Helter Skelter is available now on Poly Kicks.

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