Recommended: MYR14D – On My Mind EP

Oliver Keogh, also known as MYR14D, is the latest newcomer on Get Some‘s label. As a label that prides itself in showcasing the best in new underground bass music, MYR14D may find himself billed alongside names such as Darkstar, Joy Orbison, and Mosca to name just a few, but the Buckinghamshire based boy most certainly holds his own. Having grown up on mostly drum & bass, listening to the likes of Horizons, old Ram, Med School, Shogun Audio, and Metalheadz, the idea for MYR14D  was even initially to be a side project to the drum and bass he was making. We’re glad he took the time to focus on a less isolating BPM because his new EP “On My Mind” really does show a talent for beat making that are both instant club classics, and dripping in depth and versatility.

Stream: MYR14D – On My Mind EP (Get Some)

We’ve actually had this EP under our wings since its release on the 18th February, but with the risk of sounding clichéd, ‘better late than never‘. “On My Mind“, the leading track on the EP, is the kind of track to get a crowd dancing in that head-nodding, shoulder-rolling kind of way. You’ll immediately notice a gradual, slow burning build up to hi-hats and 808’s, all the while coupled with a catchy vocal sample. The next song is perfectly lined up by the previous; as the most prominent dance floor track on the EP “Stay 4 Me” introduces a boisterous bassline with a 4/4 beat pattern that induces fist-pumping and feet-thumping that we all probably know too well, only to reduce at the 4 minute point and bring everyone back down to earth in time for the next track. The final track comes in the form of “Raven“; with its unconventional structure and off-kilt nature MYR14D admits that production-wise this was his favourite, trying new production techniques and learning in the process, making this tune a somewhat experimental one. A nice way to end this debut EP.

You’ll read a lot of people talking about MYR14D’s productions being mostly club orientated, and whilst he does these well, this certainly isn’t all he has up his sleeve. Making a tune for his introduction to Get Some, MYR14D has sampled “lo-fi sounds and experimental pads” making it “something a bit more bedroom orientated than dance-floor”, you can catch the free download “Disconnected” on Get Some’s Soundcloud here. Oliver Keogh’s debut EP has shown maturity from someone at such an early stage of his career, this’ll definitely be an interesting one to follow.

MYR14D’s ‘On My Mind’ EP is available now on Get Some.

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