Recommended: Leon Vynehall – Brother / Sister

Will Saul’s Aus Music label continues to focus on experimental yet danceable interpretations of house, techno, electro and dub. Such an approach makes Aus a logical home for a talent such as Leon Vynehall, so it comes as no surprise to see the Brighton producer’s latest release come courtesy of the illustrious imprint. Vynehall is a busy man of late. “Laszlo Dancehall” – his collaboration with A1 Bassline – has been winning rave reviews, with “Gave Up” acting as a notable highlight of George FitzGerald’s Essential Mix from earlier this year. His individual efforts haven’t wavered from these high standards and – alongside his regular touring schedule – have helped to cement Vynehall’s status as one of the brightest emerging talents coming out of the UK right now.

Stream: Leon Vynehall – Brother (Aus Music)

His Aus induction is very much a tale of two tunes. “Brother” is probably nothing new to the ears of regular club-goers; its ability to get a dancefloor moving already rendering it a favourite for many DJs prior to release. Snappy cymbal strikes and rapid chopped vocal cuts dominate the track’s intro. An unexpected hit of piano chords on the first drop soon provides perfect respite to the preceding tension. It may not be breaking new ground but “Brother” certainly amounts to more than the sum of its parts, such is the strength of Vynehall’s execution of his signature multi-textured approach.

Stream: Leon Vynehall – Sister (Aus Music)

While its predecessor may be more likely to soundtrack your night out, “Sister” could well be the offering you keep coming back to. Certain strands – such as the skittering percussion – linger from “Brother” but “Sister” is on an altogether much deeper vibe. Vynehall’s preference for vocals is present once more, here complimented by quickly gliding arpeggiated synth notes and striking bass kicks. It’s a gloriously grooving number; one perfect for those summertime barbecues. The richness of Aus’ back catalogue dictates that each release on the label carries with it a particularly high level of expectation. With arguably his finest release to date, Vynehall has lived up to this billing and then some.

Leon Vynehall’s “Brother / Sister” is out now and is available here.

Matt Gibney

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  1. ruddy amazing release. AUS has to be one of my favourite labels. doing truly forward thinking stuff, while keeping the groove going.

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