Recommended: Koett – Lost Time

Koett is a Russian producer from Krasnodar, a city that was originally named after Catherine the Great, and subsequently renamed after the October Revolution, its present title translating as Red Gift. Having released under a number of names between 2005 and 2012, he’s refocused his efforts and consolidated his talents under the Koett moniker. Following house and techno releases on FUSELab and Dabit Records, he’s gone down a different path for the “Lost Time” single on Atomnation. The breezy, sun-drenched affair precedes an album, Golden Peak, that’s coming in November. Building off a jazzy, shuffling template beloved of the likes of The Avalanches and Jens Lekman, “Lost Time” is swamped in the sound of 60s pop. Think jaunty guitars, full-blown emotional strings and a bouyant bassline that drives throughout the track. There’s a set of heartfelt minor piano arpeggios that underpin the bridge, before driving back into that sunny lead, in turn accentuated by a delightful dancing flute line. It’s over before you know it, and no doubt you’d be wearing out the rewind button if we were still in the cassette days. Well, they’re coming back, but you know what we mean.

The release is bolstered by two remixes, from fellow Russian Monokle and from Spanish producer Sau Poler. Monokle’s take isolates the darker piano elements and frames them against thrilling crash-cymbals for a throbbing house template. Muted vocals and a mournful mid-range riff keep things tense and emotive, while swirling upper synths add even more frantic energy. Sao Poler’s rework is more in keeping with the brightness of the original, though a snarling, spiky bassline and sharp chords keep it club ready. Rolling percussion stands with an ever-modulating riff, stolen from the OG track and twisted and moulded into something entirely new. While Koett’s effort is a sterling tease for the album that’s in store, the release itself shines a light on two remixers with a keen ear for isolating key elements and fashioning pieces entirely of their own making. A worthy release, then, which wins on many levels.

Stream: Koett – Lost Time (Atomnation)

Koett – Lost Time is out now on Atomnation. Buy here.

Aidan Hanratty

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