Recommended: Huerco S. – Apheleia’s Theme

It’s no secret we’re fans of Huerco S., so much so we asked him to mix Truancy Volume 56. With musical excursions on Wicked Bass, Opal Tapes, and Anthony Naples’ fledgling imprint, Proibito we’re not the only ones to take notice. In the last two years the Kansas City based producer has synthesized his scuzzy beats into a near perfect assemblage of fading melodies, thick kicks, and ghostly audio snippets. He has simultaneously brought together the, often alienating, experimental with the irrefutable grooves of house and techno. That said, who better to give him his US debut than the guys at Future Times?

Apheleia’s Theme” is as direct a track as we can expect from Huerco. At nine minutes, it’s a sluggish stomper with a kick drum that sounds as though someone’s beating on your door. The simplicity of the beat is entrancing and putters along bringing with it fresh elements. It’s not easy to create a dance floor oriented track that holds a person’s attention for its entirety, but he’s done it with this one. There’s something to be said for how stripped back each track is (and not in the mid noughties minimal sense.); there are no extraneous elements and everything has a purpose. Just a quickly as you fell into the groove it’s over with almost no warning (it’s a blast back into reality or the next track.) On the flip, “Ausschachtung” brings up memories of his tape for Opal Tapes. Its structure is vague and the backbone is built around the dull thud of the kick drum. Once again, he reverts to the sounds of intelligible voices and an eerie blitz of synths. The phrasing and beats are so off it’ll take a pretty adventurous selector to pull for this one (and we mean that in the nicest way possible.) The closer, “Cercy“, is where this record really shines – it’s absolutely glorious. Jumping straight to the point he works no more than four basic elements for the first few minutes. With a clap it lurches into an utterly seductive bassline that brightens up the mood. In comparison to the swing of the beat the placement of the bassline is almost robotic, but has a stunning effect. Midway through, it breaks into synthetic drones and proggy stabs all of which add a sense of euphoria. It all boils down into a magnificent concoction of modern house, which completes one of the best records we’ve heard in ages.

There are few artists like Huerco S. out there and even less sound as authentic. There’s no pretention or gimmick – this is the music he has always made, take it or leave it. “Apheleia’s Theme” feels like he’s finally hit a stride. He’s exactly where he wants to be and making music that takes all of his sensibilities into account. To top it off it’s completely danceable. What else could we ask for?

Huerco S.’s Apheleia’s Theme is available now on Future Times.

Stream: Huerco S. – Apheleia’s Theme (Future Times)

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