Sunday’s Best Pt. XX

Sunday my off day, I ball all day, smoke all day and then stuntin’, all the Truants boys and girls gotta get up off the corner” – Gucci Mane. Another rest day and another couple of musical affairs we’d like to open to your view and hearing. How to simply describe the artist behind the first mix we’d like to speak about? We aren’t sure, but we’ll try: George FitzGerald Is A Don. As a producer but also as a DJ: our fondness of his work might not have gone unnoticed if you look at the times we have covered his mixes in the past. On this mixtape he did for XLR8R he takes you on a delightful excursion through some of his newest tracks out on his “Child” EP out on Aus and a remix he did for Warner sweetheart Kimbra, productions released on the mans own ManMakeMusic label as well as some cuts by Helix and Tom Trago among many other jams. The podcast stays in the familiar selection mannerisms that we love about the London producer: with a heavy angle toward house vibes, the mix is as alleviating as it is vigorous. A nice listen to get you through the day.

Direct download: Podcast 252: George FitzGerald (stream and find the tracklisting here)

The original of this track was definitely a tidy little hit, but clearly it just needed to be a little bit more completely ridiculous. And who better to take up the remix mantle than Switch? Switch’s remix of M.I.A’s “Bad Girls” ups the tempo, adds in some hectic percussion and features a typically ludicrous verse from Rye Rye. We’re very much into what the changes made to the original instrumental: there’s more space where the original was overworked, but the production still freaks out just enough to make you freak out. But what we’re really thrilled about is Missy’s verse. Who hasn’t missed Missy Elliott’s ability to make any track she touches into the best thing you’ve ever heard? Total rudeness, all things considered.

Stream: M.I.A. ft. Missy Elliott & Rye Rye – Bad Girls (Switch Remix) (N.E.E.T.)

First, we’ve got to give a shout to Move D for introducing Emil Seidel to us; if someone as legendary as him bigs you up people listen. Seidel is one of the most active SoundCloud users we know with new tracks and mixes popping up ever week. This week he caught our attention courtesy of the ghostly “H.I.T.A.”, which almost instantly brought the new beat classic “Voices” to our heads. “H.I.T.A.” possesses that old school meets new school flare all wrapped in a glossy layer of bass. It sticks to a simple concept, melody, constant beats, and no flashy drops. Over the course of seven-minutes he takes us on a hypnotic journey twisting through either a desolate landscape or the darkest corner in a warehouse. Here’s a track that deserves notice not because of all the aging analogue gear he used to create it, but because it’s been used effectively and has that Seidel jam out flare. Also, this track is about four months ahead of schedule; Halloween’s not until October Emil, so hopefully it’s in our bags by then.

Stream: Emil Seidel – H.I.T.A.

Northern Swedish three-piece musical outfit Blänk have always been fueled by elements of deep house, hip-hop and most prominently, electric pop to power their sound. They recently teamed up with fellow Swedish debutant vocalist Noonie Bao to put out an entirely free EP entitled “Do This Thing” with reworks provided by Palms Out Sounds family delegates Dubbel Dutch and Norrit. Dubbel Dutch’s take on the single brings forth exactly the infectious catchiness that we’re used to from the Texas native, with a remix that demands attention with its dancefloor-enhanced tempo and ghoulish synths all over, while maintaining the original Bjorn & John sample throughout. Kansas City’s Norrit goes for a more dreamy atmosphere, with an adaptation that technically isn’t chopped or screwed but evokes the kind of vibes that DJ Screw would be proud of. Get the entire EP for free at Blänk’s Soundcloud.

Download: Blänk – Do This Thing (feat. Noonie Bao) (Dubbel Dutch Remix) (Grind Records)

Download: Blänk – Do This Thing (feat. Noonie Bao) (Norrit Remix) (Grind Records)

The remix RL Grime and Salva did for Kanye West’s “Mercy” sent the whole world wide web in a frenzy and rightfully so. It’s always fairly risky to remix already bewildering pop hits with an outcome that serves as something more than a simple dancefloor edit but the two WEDIDIT auxiliaries saw, remixed and conquered. Putting the chorus and the “Dust Out A Sound Bwoy” vocal samples in quarantine, they built up to a stupendous drop drawing on a grimy 808 bass (turned ’til it’s up-in-your-face level) combined with pulsating siren synthlines and animate percussion. The remix sounds  gloomier than the already dark original produced by Lifted, the two Mikes with a additional parts by Hudson Mohawke and  Yeezy himself but it honours the initial version, which is something that not many artists get right anymore. We can definitely imagine Kanye West sitting on his diamond throne by his pool, filled with a mixture of French winery, contently nodding his head to it  and it might just s(w)erve as the closing track to many a 4AM slot this Summer too.

Stream: Kanye West – Mercy (RL Grime & Salva Remix) (download here)

On Tuesday the universally beloved Brainfeeder crew dropped yet another gem in the form of a collaboration between Chicago rapper Jeremiah Jae and next-level beatsmith Azizi Gibson. The mixtape, Ignorant Prayers, throws so many middle fingers in the air that everyone can find something to be offended by – but in a way that’s more Danny Brown than Tyler, the Creator. Jae draws from a bottomless well of sex- and drug-addled lyrics (with plenty of general goofing around and ball busting) with a delivery that switches skillfully from syrupy and gruff to confrontational and urgent. Gibson blows it out of the water on the production tip, turning out track after track of mindfuck beats that really wouldn’t sound at home anywhere other than Brainfeeder. He never settles into one sound for too long, and his productions definitely show an everything but the kitchen sink approach, touching on a range of styles and samples far too extensive to list. We really love his ear for pop culture samples, including Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and the classic “keep the change, you filthy animal” scene from Home Alone. This is a really fun and satisfying listen, and the best part is that it’s up for free courtesy of Brainfeeder! Stream one of our top picks below and grab this mixtape without hesitation.

Stream: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Azizi Gibson x Jeremiah Jae – Little Timmys Prayers” dl=”0″]

Download: Azizi Gibson x Jeremiah Jae – Ignorant Prayers (via Brainfeeder)

BONUS DOWNLOAD: Instrumentals

Written by: Immy Soraya, Jonathon Alcindor, Sam Billetdeaux, Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura & Sindhuja Shyam. (Sunday’s Best Archives)


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