Preview: Untold – Change In A Dynamic Atmosphere Part 2

As one of the driving forces behind Hemlock Recordings, Untold has steadily spent the past few years working on the firm expansion of an undeviatingly prolific label, which has yet to see even an ounce of decline in its immeasurably strong roster and output. This April saw the homecoming of Jack Dunning to his own imprint with the announcement and inaugural release of a trilogy entitled “Change In A Dynamic Environment”. This statement of a title is a strength in itself: though it might seem slightly academic, or even corporate on a first glance, it perfectly encapsulates the low-key maneuver Untold has made into an entirely different atmosphere for his music, which he personally describes as “another dubstep producer washing up on techno’s beach in 2012”. It’s a maneuver that sits familiar with quite a few of his colleagues, from the likes of Loefah and Scuba popularly making their moves into previously unexplored grounds with house and techno being prominent in their collective expeditions. Still, Dunning manages to be an exception to the general change of dynamics as his personal change sounds distinctly like his own journey, rather than one that’s parallel to his companions’ explorations. Where many others have hesitantly dabbled in unfamiliar waters, what we’ve seen of “A Change In Dynamic Environment” so far proves that Untold has the stealth capacity to dive into his challenges full-on, unwilling to compromise on the quality of his music whatsoever.

Stream: Untold – Caslon (Hemlock Recordings)

Where the first installment of this three-part release already pointed towards the paving of a darker route compared to what we’re used to hearing from Untold, its sequel explicitly cements the direction into tenebrous territories that he’s chosen to traverse in with his current music. Dunning himself has said his newer sounds have partially been inspired by the likes of No U-Turn Records, Source Direct and Photek and that he’s been working towards getting some of those drum-and-bass induced atmospheres and drum programming working in a techno or house format. The abysmally deep cuts at display here illusively draw elements from Detroit techno and prove his attempts to be prosperous, with two tracks that are directly perfect for an industrial dancefloor. Said to carry on from his Dreadnought project together with Samuel Chase, Untold’s exquisite production quality and melodic capacity have a vast presence over the entire EP. “Caslon” gradually thumps you into a basement setting, with a narcotic and almost somnolent cadence that takes care to be exhilarating all the same. “Breathe” flips the EP on a slightly lighter note, with a beat pattern that sticks to the dynamic statement of the EP and resonant piano segments that slowly infiltrate into all your emotions that this release undoubtedly reigns over. A worthy continuation of its solid predecessor, “A Change In Dynamic Environment Part 2” is an unadulterated expression of an artist who constantly pushes the envelope for himself and those that surround him. The second chapter of Untold’s 2012 trilogy is imminent on Hemlock Recordings this Monday, and it’s a story that’ll stay with you for a lifetime.

Stream: Untold – Breathe (Hemlock Recordings)

Untold’s “Change In A Dynamic Atmosphere” is out this Monday the 25th of June via Hemlock Recordings.

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