Stream: Killa P & Badness – Nuh Failer (Kahn remix)

Imagining a world where Kahn releases a sub-standard track is a futile endeavour. Presumably there’s an official investigation afoot regarding the correlation between mysterious chemicals in the Bristol water supply and the propensity of the city’s inhabitants to produce sounds that distort reality. Of more immediate interest to us, however, is the most recent track to be uploaded to Bristolian Kahn’s SoundCloud page. His Punch Drunk debut from early last year, “Like We Used To”, was riotously original. Both “Helter Skelter” and the masterful title track showcased Kahn’s compositional flair, and the excellent “Tehran” from the “Illy/Tehran” EP is probably still fresh in your memory. The producer’s also been remixing away, this time turning his attention to a scalding release from Roll Deep’s Killa P and Brummie badman Badness.

The original of “Nuh Failer” isn’t anything to sleep on, all sparkling synth pirouetting beneath frenetic bars from Killa P. But Kahn brings a depth and darkness that works like an amphitheatre for the accelerated rhymes of the original, and the combination works majestically. He’s obviously got an ear for a blazing acapella, and reworking the track with such perfectly fitting percussion work should guarantee its presence at a rave near you this year. Kahn’s a producer that works like an alchemist, converting the most familiar sounds into tracks that blow you away with their creativity, and this remix is no exception.

With any luck an official release should reach our ears soon. In the meantime, soundcloud why you no have repeat button?

Killa P & Badness – Nuh Failer (Kahn remix) by • Kahn •

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