Recommended: Waze & Odyssey – I Want You You You EP

While this year has seen a huge number of artists try their hand at the 90s revival sound, few have succeeded with as much aplomb as Waze & Odyssey. Landing early in the year with a blistering release on Body Work (after a low-key release on US label petFood), the duo solidified their rep with a stellar contribution to the Data Transmission podcast series, as well as further releases for Southern Fried and their own W&O Street Tracks. Riding high on that MK vibe championed by Bicep and other such luminaries, all 90s organs and good-time house, their sound is infectious and inescapable. Their latest release, “I Want You You You” on Throne of Blood continues in the same vein but does so in more understated fashion than some of their more barnstorming releases.

The title track is a smoky affair, all repeated strings, stabbing synth lines and dusky vocals. It’s not as raucous as “C’Mon” or “Rejected”, but retaining the same urgency and precision. It’s a refined slice of house that’ll get your hands in the air, even if it doesn’t whip you into a frenzy. “Our World” is back in that “Push The Feeling On” territory, muted organs and drifting vocal loops. Imagine yourself at the same party a few hours later, shirt on, but a bit worse for wear. LA-based Split Secs reworks “Our World” into a Patrice Baumel-shaped grinder, its vocals twisted into a sonic turbine. It’s a great introduction to a talent who seems as comfortable making sleazy electro as funk-inspired disco, and a perfect counterpoint to the feelgood house that inspired it. All told, this is an essential release, the perfect way for Waze & Odyssey to round up a fantastic year.

Stream: Waze & Odyssey – I Want You You You EP previews (Throne Of Blood)

Waze & Odyssey – “I Want You You You” is out now on Throne of Blood

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