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Out of all the great new artists and breakout producers from 2011, Dutch technician Pieter Willems, better known by his production moniker Presk, easily nabbed a spot as one of our favorites. He inaugurated Ramp sub-label Fourth Wave with the deep, meticulously-crafted “And Cut/Mold“, released the diverse four-track “Love Again” EP on Doc Daneeka‘s Ten Thousand Yen Imprint, produced the massively hyped “Fuck Yonkers” edit, and teamed up with Cinnaman for the superb single Sweat on upstart label Audio Culture. Not too shabby for a producer who had previously not had an official release to his name! Naturally we were stoked when Fourth Wave announced they would be releasing Presk’s new single, “Hesitate/Kook”. Out now on vinyl and digital formats, this is an essential release that all but guarantees another fantastic year for the innovative producer.

Stream: Presk – Hesitate Preview (Fourth Wave)

On “Hesitate” Willems captures the seductive and uplifting qualities that we love so much about classic house styles, albeit with a uniquely modern sound palette. The ambient pads and gliding, 80s-futurism synth lead give the track a wistful, freewheeling energy, while the tight bass squelches keep everything firmly grounded in club territory. Willems’ signature flourishes are all over this one, from the creative recycling of the short vocal sample to rhythmic and melodic intricacies that most producers would envy. This is exactly what you want to hear as you’re getting loose and limber for heavier tracks later in the night! B-side “Kook” is a murky, propulsive tech-roller that’s sure to please fans of Willems’ moodier tracks like “Mold” and “Headway“. A gruff bass lead drives the production forward, backlit by the intoxicating glow of a hazy synth line that swells at exactly the right times. What stands out most about the track, though, is the intriguing vocal sample lifted from the 1985 classic John Hughes movie The Breakfast Club. While we could certainly reach for a deeper meaning behind the selection of Allison Reynolds’ self-reflexive commentary on teenage promiscuity, we find it best to simply appreciate it as a quirky left-field sample that suits the production remarkably well. This release is out now, so don’t waste any time in picking up a copy for yourself.

Stream: Presk – Kook Preview (Fourth Wave)

Presk – Hesitate / Kook (Fourth Wave) is out now. (Photo by Catharina Gerritse.)

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  1. Thanks, dog. Been looking for ‘Kook’ since I heard it on Dusk & Blackdown’s show. Believe me, we’re going to be hearing this choon a lot this year.

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