Recommended: Kim Brown – Spring Theory EP

Earlier this month German label Just Another Beat pressed up yet another crisp and sensual slab of house music, this time the from the mysterious Kim Brown.  Almost no information is available on Brown, who knows it could be an alias, but either way the aptly titled Spring Theory EP acts as a bridge from the dreary Winter to festival laden Spring.  Every aspect of the record has the markings of a veteran masterfully placing each element while still exhibiting nuances of natural and carefree production techniques.

Kim Brown – This Will Like Never Be The Same (JAB06) Snippet by Kim Brown

The A-side, “Camera Moves”, sets the tone with silky, orchestral pads and a little bit of Latin flavor thanks to the drums.  The track becomes completely hypnotic for a few minutes before dropping you off, only to pick you up moments later with the sounds of a warm bass.  This is where the track really hits its stride, creating something that is sure to draw attention away from the DJ and instead focus in on what really matters the music and people around you.  There are maybe two or three peaks during the 8-minutes; the track relies on hypnotizing you with bass tones, high-end melodies, and light doses of delay.  On the flip, This Will Like Never Be The Same, uses the same ingredients, woozy pads laced with a thundering bassline and the occasional addition delayed keys.  An overall distance is present on this tune, mostly due to the combination of reverb with the pad, it feels as if it’s being played in a stadium and you’re on a highway just South of it.  This isn’t a problem and probably translates well on a proper sound system.  Every so often the shows moves up giving off a euphoric vibe and before you know it 7-minutes has passed and the track is wining down.

Once again Just Another Beat presents us with an essential record that could easily be played for an hour without losing its charm.  We’ll be eagerly waiting for JAB 07.

Stream: Kim Brown – Camera Moves 

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