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When we heard rumours of a new George Fitzgerald EP coming our way this June, we expected his usual fare – incredibly catchy melodies and some of the easiest to digest danceable music out there, a perfect example of an artist exploring a delicate mélange. He simultaneously treads the sweet spot right between house and “bass” that produces so many floor fillers, but we didn’t expect his “Child” EP to shoot straight to the top of our summer picks. Where in the past Fitzgerald has shown strength in a glossy comfort zone, he now steps forward with one of his meatiest and most confident releases to date.

With each track as distinct as the last, he smartly opens the EP with “Child,” which might be the most memorable of the bunch. A repeating euphoric cry catches you within the first bar and sets the pace for the six-and-a-half minute ride, pulling you along with a pounding bassline and its sweetly crooning “like a child” sample. After a long day on our grind we’ve found ourselves coming back to this one – mixing “Child” with snacks and caffeine is a no-fail recipe to make us happy. Providing us with the musical equivalent of the simple pleasures in life is one of the reasons why Fitzgerald continues to be easy to fall back on for dependability and a pick-me-up.

“Lights Out” slips back into more restrained, familiar territory that will be more recognizable to those who have listened to Fitzgerald before. It steadily rolls right into the next offering, “Hindsight,” which takes a moodier and more sinister turn, before the EP finishes off with “Unilateral,” still on the 4×4 tip and backed by looming synths all the way to the end. The whole release flows so smoothly from start to finish that it’s hard to tell where you are at any given point, despite the variety from track to track. Fitzgerald went out on a limb with this one, showing us even more of what he’s able to do, without sacrificing any of what made us fans up until this point – to see exactly what we mean, you can stream the entire release below.

Stream: George Fitzgerald – “Child” EP (AUS Music)

The “Child” EP was released June 11th on AUS Music, and is available for purchase here.

Cayley MacArthur

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