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One of the guys behind WotNot, Charo, is making his debut on the label next month and for the most part it’s left-field pop music.  These are the same people behind Deft’s well-received “Clotting EP“, which treaded the ground between some of LA beat material and synth-pop. Knowing that they gravitate towards trippy beat-driven material, rather than the typical club orientated tracks, his release isn’t all that surprising. At the forefront of the EP is the title song “Floating Free” and it’s backed by two remixes courtesy of Fort Romeau and label partner JJ Mumble and each remix brings a completely different vibe.

The original features Charo’s vocals over sparse beats and chilling bells; space and tension are crucial, both of which build up to broken releases of energy during the kicks. Both the vocal and instrumental share the credit for this song equally as the beat could easily standalone but he’s got some pipes on him that make it feel like a tug of war between the two of our ears. On to the remixes: Fort Romeau gives it a relatively down-tempo house rework, complete with a simple and effective pounding bassline and fitting minor piano chords. JJ Mumbles creates something a tad bit harsher, but no less beautiful, leaving the vocal almost untouched and keeping much of the original melody. Instead, he focuses on his unusually human percussion that switches up during every verse or dip in Charo’s voice. Hopefully, this EP is just the precursor to a completely original release from him in which we’ll be able hear just how much he’s capable of.

Stream: Charo – “Floating Free” (Clips) (Forthcoming WotNot)

Charo’s “Floating Free” is available on WotNot July 14th.

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