Recommended: Frak – Wobbler / Chrome

Consisting of three producers, Swedish trio Frak are often described as ‘Sweden’s best-kept techno secret’, yet despite their somewhat obscure relation and tendency to have unjustly remained under the radar over the years, it would be rather difficult to find a back catalogue as superb (and large) as this trio here. Having all grown up in a small village in Sweden, which they’ve described as having an ‘uninspiring’ music scene, members Jan, Birre and Mikael decided to form Frak, along with the now seminal Borft Records in 1987. With no real aims other than to play and release experimental electronic music, their expressed love for hardware and machines is a distinguishable signature when it comes to their productions. The DX7, Casio CZ1000, Korg Mono/Poly and Commodore 64 among many others have all been confirmed by them to have been used whilst creating their brilliant first tape “Raggarslakt”. With almost 25 years of releasing music under their belt their discography spans an incredibly vast amount of cassettes, LP’s and singles which in total amass to hundreds and hundreds of tracks. Their label Borft has also naturally grown alongside them having housed a numerous amount of quality releases and artists such as Crinan, Pean Romael and Funkis, to name a few.

Stream: Frak – Wobbler (Kontra-Musik)

In more recent times they’ve released their much long awaited and praised album “Muzika Electronic”and fallen under the spotlight of Kontra-Musik and label boss Ulf Eriksson, who after an exchange at Noberg festival decided he wanted to release a special selection of stamped Frak white labels. With the first instalment titled “Triffid Gossip” dating back to March this year, the newest in the series dropped a couple of weeks ago with two tracks “Wobbler” and “Chrome”. The past two releases have all consisted of punchy tracks verging on sluggish tempos using their arsenal of synths to provide  some of the most eccentric and captivating sonic grooves the trio have crafted to date. “Wobbler” takes pride as being the fastest track over all three releases making it in someway the most danceable and approachable. A soft two note melody makes a continuous appearance throughout whilst an arpeggiated synth line takes centre stage, maximising the track’s full potential. On the B side “Chrome” reverts back to a much more familiar sound from the trio. Remaining gritty, with just the right amount of spaciness, Frak make the most of their hardware for some sub shaking modular exploration.

Stream: Frak – Chrome (Kontra-Musik)

Frak “Chrome/Wobbler  is out now to buy on vinyl on Kontra-Musik


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