Recommended: Evian Christ – Kings And Them

There’s a big chance you have stumbled upon “Fuck It Y’All Don’t Rap” or one of the other tracks from the same series  of astral juke-y songs accompanied by rotating geographic shapes over the last few weeks: since these tracks were launched into cyberspace, the fairly anonymous producer behind the tracks Evian Christ revealed his real name (Joshua Leary) as well as his age (twenty-two) and signed a record deal with Tri Angle Records, the pristine label who put out Clams Casino‘s “Rainforest” EP last year and has a solid roster consisting of Holy Other, Balam Acab, oOoOO and other adroit beatmakers. To accompany the exciting notice of their newest label addition, Tri Angle released Evian Christ’s previously uploaded work for free in the form of a  discreet mixtape named “Kings And Them” last week. The music on there is minimal and trippy with a taste of footwork and a lot of resonance, sampling the likes of E-40 and Tyga throughout: its eerie soundscapes blending in perfectly with the aural aesthetics of Tri Angle.  The mastering has given the songs a new life so if you were already feeling the lo-fi previews you’re in for a treat, and if this is new to you, amusez-vous bien. Some promising jams, we can’t wait to hear what Evian Christ has in store for the rest of the year. Stream the tracks below and download the full tape here.

On a Tri Angle related note, oOoOO are set to release an EP named “Our Loving Is Hurting Us” in April, and the first track off the release is waiting to get listened to by you here.

Soraya Brouwer

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