One On One Vol. V: Oni Ayhun – OAR003-B

“Drink in spectacular canyon vistas. Watch elk, deer, bighorn sheep and ranchers at work in this rugged habitat. Enjoy the relaxed pace of a free-flowing river with few rapids, stunning scenery, interesting geology and rich natural history.” This is a mere sample of Oni Ayhun‘s lengthy description of the track we’ve chosen as our latest One On One, and might give you some idea as to why he’s so often described as an eccentric. But the man has a point: “OAR003-B” has the power to transport you to another world, and for less than the price of a pint you’d be better off listening to this than handing over your pennies to Ryanair.

Oni Ayhun is an alias of Olof Dreijer, one half of the unforgivingly talented sibling duo The Knife. Both siblings have turned their hands to projects outside The Knife, with Karin Dreijer Andersson deservedly receiving a slew of accolades for the self-titled album produced under her Fever Ray moniker. The Oni Ayhun side project, however, might be our favourite. The Swede made us smile ruefully at his brilliantly off-kilter production for the Shangaan Electro remix collection that was finally released earlier this year. In typically unorthodox Dreijer fashion, he sampled elements from the various tracks on the album – let mere mortals be restricted to just one artist – and the result was a surreal breakbeat electro hybrid, sun soaked but persuasive.

Today we’re looking even further back to the distant days of 2009, when Brother Dreijer offered up a series of blandly titled but thoroughly brilliant EPs, our One On One for today being the b-side to the third in the series. This track is eleven minutes of ecstasy, and its jubilant glow only gets brighter and brighter as various layers reveal themselves. There are no hard edges here, only perfectly arranged, shimmering ambient techno. Go forth into the weekend, children, and may the light of this gorgeous production shine upon you.

Stream: Oni Ayhun – OAR003-B (Oni Ayhun Records)

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