Exclusive: Archie Pelago & Helix Mix

Here’s one we’ve been waiting to share for a while: Brooklyn trio Archie Pelago’s filmed mix for Mary Anne Hobbs was one of the most captivating things we’ve seen in a minute, and we’ve been hoping since that they would one day grace the pages here. They produce together as a group and perform live, with Hirshi on the trumpet & turntables, Cosmo D on the cello and Ableton, and Kroba on the saxophone & Ableton. If it sounds complicated, it is; you can, however, check out this diagram of their live setup that they drew for their interview with Sonic Router. This summer, yung Helix (contributor of our 33rd Truancy Volume) passed through New York and met up with the Archie Pelago boys to jam. We weren’t too sure what would happen when you crossed the talents that created such things as the Archie Pelago EP on Mr Saturday Night and the Objekt overdub with the skills that lead to Helix’s energetic “Drum Track” and “Stacks Riddim,” but the product is only something that can happen with vibes clearly occurring on the same wavelength. The result of that collaboration is this mix that we’ve had on repeat and are happy to share with you today. Stream and download the mix below, and from all of us at Truants, enjoy your holidays!

Cayley MacArthur

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