Sunday’s Best Pt. XIV

We’ve all heard “Nostalgia, ULTRA”, I mean ya boy Frank Ocean has already been mentioned in two TRUANTS posts since the album/mixtape/thing came out. Now comes his third. Also getting a second mention of late is DJ Ayres. This time he’s done something effortlessly simple yet also perfect because of its simplicity. Taking the dramatically emotional “Swim Good” and just placing an acappella on top might not sound like that big of a deal, but Ayres and JD choose the perfect complement to Frank’s drama in UGK’s “One Day”. “Man if you got kids show ’em you love ’em cause God just might take ’em home, cause one day they here and baby the next day they gone.” Too true Pimp C, too true.

Download: Frank Ocean – Swim Good (DJ Ayres & JD Blend) (320 kbps)

Ezra Rubin a.k.a. Kingdom is a much loved Sunday’s Best frequenter. Earlier this week he kindly gave away a remix for Win Win’s track “Interleave” that features the great Hot Chip lead Alexis Taylor on vocals. Whereas the original is a bit astral and Delphian, Kingdom’s puts more weight on the bass and, nothing new, the outcome is definitely more dancefloor orientated than the original. If you’re one of those people with a Hotchipyophobia you don’t have to worry, as the vocals underwent an intense pitching surgery.

Download: Win Win – Interleave (Kingdom Remix) (320 kbps)

This song probably won’t be taking off like more of the recent Gucci and Flocka tracks. It feels a bit like a throwaway (Which is why I guess it was released to the ether without much fanfare…) which sucks because Flocka kills it. “Ray Charles vision screaming wheres the competition/ lot of rappers on the carton; their swag missing” along with a couple of other great lines and a Wiz Khalifa reference. So let’s bump this and hope “Benjamin Flocka” doesn’t disappoint and a Gucci x Flocka collab album isn’t far away. Especially Gucci’s tending to give his legal team work every other week. Don’t do drugs and don’t throw women out of moving cars, kids.

Download: Gucci Mane feat. Waka Flocka Flame – Young Nigga (192 kbps)

A call for Sunday’s Best suggestions over Twitter was a bit of a risky thing to do, as we’re a little scared of listening to eighty percent of the demo’s that end up in our inbox, purely based on the descriptions and titles that come with them (e.g. “future dancehall is cool for your ears”). Sacrifices must be made and demo’s must be listened to though, all a part of our pursuit. It was a titanic relief that the majority of the stuff we were sent was really good so thank you Based God and all that. The tracks by LDFD and Hostage were definitely the outstanding ones and both on that Summer tip we’re craving right now. The Dallas bound producer LDFD (short for Ledford, real name Justin Ledford) released his debut EP “International” last December and did a remix for A Taut Line’s track “Don’t Wake Me” last month. I would like to insert a twerk pun about his track here but the different definitions of the term push it to the edge of being a double entendre. I’d suggest you listen to the track and decide for yourself in what relation you’d like to twerk to it. The track by Hostage (who has just uploaded his april mixtape to Soundcloud here with a lot of unreleased goodies) complements the track nicely, and we could easily twerk on to “The Way You Move”. He took the classic “Dance Floor” by Zapp & Roger (best use of autotune ever, possibly?)  and turned it into an up-tempo, basscendent track for that dance floor Zapp & Roger were hinting at to take the party to. Summer vibes on both of these tracks.

Download: LDFD – Twerk It (320 kbps)
Download: Hostage – The Way You Move (320 kbps)

Bantum is the alter ego of Irish producer Ruairi Lynch, who specialises in hip-hop-tempo IDM or electronica or whatever you want to call it. Names are for suckers. This is just good music. Syncopated beats and distorted, almost-but-not-quite-out-of-tune guitars, his “Slide EP is awash with warm and interesting sounds and chopped-up beats and it’s just the sort of thing to restore your faith in finding cool shit out there. Get the whole EP here.

Download: Bantum – Glish (320 kbps)

Subvader is the alias of Peter Wiley, a twenty year old producer from Michigan who delivers the kind of bass and beats you’d expect to hear in a distant milky way. His latest remix for Jay Fay’s Get Et attests to that intergalactic vibe, with otherworldly synths and a heavy beat to seal the deal. This will have you busting some moves, no doubt. Get it, Subvader!

Download: Jay Fay – Get Et (Subvader Remix) (320 kbps)

Whenever anyone claims that they’re not great fans of Sade, I immediately irrationally have to question their character to a certain extent. How can one not fall blindly in love with that voice, always conveying so much melancholy, nostalgia and warmth time and time again? The songstress is set to release her “Ultimate Collection” on May third, which will contain three brand new tracks aside from loads of familiar music. One of them is a remix of “The Moon and the Sky”, originally a strong piece that was soothingly perfect to chill out to, despite its immense layers of sadness that surrounded it and subsequently one of my favourite tracks from the “Soldier of Love” album. I’m always anxious to hear remixes when the originals are so good to begin with, but I have to say that this right here is impeccable. This refixed beat perfectly compliments the somber vocals by slowly building up on Sade’s grieving emotions over time and Hova delivers a short and sentimental verse to match. Much respect and love for Noah Shebib aka 40 for producing this gem.

Download: Sade – The Moon & The Sky (Remix) (feat. Jay-Z) (256 kbps)