Stream: Shakarchi & Stranéus Bring the Summer

Oh my, it may be the sunstroke I’m experiencing from this sudden burst of summer we are having in Britain or it could just because this is one of the finest records I’ve come across in a long time. The pianos! Oh the pianos! This gem was released by Studio Barnhus in January of all times and comes from the Swedish duo Shakarchi & Straneus. It is however Vinyl only, so boo hoo to me and many other music lovers who are digital only, but hurray for you vinyl nerds. That is if you manage to find it in a shop where it isn’t sold out yet.

S & S are actually Faik and Daniel, two guys from Gothenburg, Sweden, but for the purpose of this article they are natives to sunny Spanish coast, spending days sipping on sangria on the beaches until they hear birds whistling a melody from afar that catches their attention and they rush off to replay these monumental gifts of music on whatever soulful instrument they find at hand in their makeshift studio in some abandoned villa, adding claps recorded from the locals and kicks sampled from the donkey who happens to like the drums. It all culminates in monumental summer jams that lift you from where ever you are and transport you to a beach party in whatever destination you require.

There are some amazing songs that are on this release but the majority listening time falls on Mogadishu, which does far from bring about memories of the darktimes in Black Hawk Down, instead it allows you to imagine great enjoyment on anyone’s face who experiences this ray of goodness. As I sat on my street I foresaw street parties jumping to this, again maybe the sunstroke. But I can’t get across how happy this track is able to make people feel. This isn’t where it stops though, another EP highlight comes in the form of Clinton Hill which I can’t help feel is built on a sample I know from somewhere, or maybe that the beauty of the track, to feel familiar but completely original at the same time, what ever they did the song chimes in the mind long after it’s ended. The vocals call you to ‘Throw your hands in the sky’ and you cant but help feel the demand kicking in. Oh I dare any of you not to feel incredibly happy after listening.

Shakarchi & StraneusMogadishu

BARN 002 A2. Shakarchi & Stranéus – Clinton Hill by Studio Barnhus


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