Recommended: Zenker Brothers – Berg 10

The two Zenker brothers Dario and Marco have been running and contributing to their own label Ilian Tape for some time now, the two of them releasing music separately although they have collaborated under the moniker Fronsua before. However this is the first time that they’ve come together under the Zenker name, and it’s arguably their most mature sound and well rounded effort they both have created to date.

Berg 10” opens proceedings with blaring kicks that give the impression you’re hearing it reverberate through the walls at a warehouse party. The haze of this sound is cut by layers of clarity as the Zenker Brother build up a sharp arrangement of harsh percussion, unpredictable synths and the long drawn out strings. Although it carries the hall marks of Detroit Techno, it drives away from this well loved template and forges it’s own path with finesse, the rhythm shuffles carrying with it a certain street carnival vibe that strangely, feels entirely at home. The second track off the EP, “Inti”, takes things deeper with slightly hypnotic consequences. Layers of percussion bounce off one of another as the drum machine hits overdrive, all the while mechanical elements drive it forwards. The addition of the two note bass line is a simple but welcome touch and it slides through the perfect deluge of noise. The last track “Studio” is an all the more aggressive track, waiting to be played at peak time which doesn’t let it’s guard down easily, but once it does alluring synths ease their way into the fore creating a magnetic contrast.

IT010 Zenker Brothers – Berg 10 by Ilian Tape


IT010 Zenker Brothers – Inti by Ilian Tape

IT010 Zenker Brothers – Studio by Ilian Tape

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