Recommended: Tanner Ross & Soul Clap – Shady Shores EP

Tanner Ross, New Jersey DJ and producer (who is also known as T-Rex or Prince Of E-funkdom), and mercurial Bostonian DJ duo Soul Clap, comprising of Charles Levine and Eli Goldstein (known individually as Cynce and Elyte) have teamed up to produce “Shady Shore“, an astonishing 6 track EP out now on Wolf+Lamb.

The fittingly titled “Intro Track” welcomes the listener into this short voyage aboard the intergalactic mothership of dopeness, complete with bass phasers and lazer-esque synths abound. The bass line reminds us of the 80’s club sound, without having to mention “Blue Monday” once. As opening tracks go, this one works well to introduce you slowly, and lubricate your listening gear to what awaits in tracks 2-6; audio foreplay if you like.

“Miami Shores” completes with the same sample used in Snoop Dogg’s “Sexual Seduction” – a groove laden, bass savvy, rhythmic delight. There is something of the reminiscent in the Deniz Kurtel and Gadi Mizrahi freestyle mix of M.E.S. As usual, Soul Clap tackle the funk and soulful elements of the production, with a lysergic disco bassline that makes your head nod without you even noticing. There is a haunting, dark, and at times sinister, techno feel to a lot of these tracks, M.E.S. for us champions this notion; but this stands to reason when you consider Tanner Ross‘ background in Dark-Techno duo Voodeux. The Shady Shores is a euro-centric sounding techno track with more of the same devious undertones that really tie the whole EP together as a unified body of work. We loved the deepthroat styled maxims and sustained dirge-synths. “60 Thompson” has a bass groove that is simultaneously sinister and soulful, coupled with a beat that wouldn’t be out of place in a hip hop record makes this track a delight.

Shady Shores Medley w/ Tanner Ross by Soul Clap

Soul Clap & Ross Tanner – Miami Shores EP, out now on Wolf+Lamb.

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