Recommended: Kevin Gorman – Cast

Let’s take a moment to talk about Kevin Gorman; a man whose name might not initially click with a lot of readers but whose productions should be heard by anyone remotely interested in techno. Having put out his first 12″ in 2006 on DJ Hell’s label International Deejay Gigolo, Gorman has had a small but steady flow of releases up to now, all which have amassed a great deal of support from the likes of Len Faki, Marcell Dettman, DVS1 and Ben Klock. The producer has been fairly quiet the last two years having released his last solo EP in 2009 and since then only produced a track for Ostgut Ton with James Ruskin and a couple of remixes on Cocoon and CLR.

His latest release entitled “Cast” finds its way on to Belgian label Curle Recordings, founded in 2006 and home to past releases from Conforce, Efdemin and Jonas Koop to name a few. Jonas Koop also returns on this release providing a ‘High Octane’ remix on the b-side, which packaged with the original forms is one of the most striking and well produced techno releases this year. The original’s simplicity is really something to be marvelled at, with the constantly progressing hi-hats seriously being the real highlight. On the b-side Jonas Koop, who has has also had a fairly quiet year, opts for a much more driving pace, beefing up the kicks ever so slightly and keeping the rhythm and percussion fairly steady throughout. The release has been out for a week now digitally and two weeks on vinyl but these are techno bombs of the highest calibre that shouldn’t be missed.

Kevin Gorman – Cast by CurleRec

Kevin Gorman – Cast (Jonas Kopp High Octane Mix) by CurleRec


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