Recommended: Gucci Mane & V-Nasty – Baytl

You’re probably thinking, “What the hell is V-Nasty doing on a Gucci Mane album?” and that’s a totally acceptable first impression. This collaboration is so left field on a scale that I’m not totally sure of its existence. Whose people approached who? Was this some sort of ridiculous industry money exchange? Or did these artists actually want to work together (believable in V-Nasty’s case)? We’ll probably never know but if you give this album a shot, it might just surprise you.

Gucci Mane hasn’t sounded this good in at least a year. While I liked “Ferrari Boyz” with Waka Flocka Flame, this is the superior album. It’s more cohesive but on the Gucci front, he doesn’t sound like he’s sleepwalking on his verses hair. Depending on how much you hate V-Nasty this might be soul-crushing that he would bring out his “A” game for this and not Ferrari Boyz. Compare his verses on “Hate Me Some More” to anything off “Ferrari Boyz” and it’s clear that this is one of the stronger retail albums he’s released this year.

The production on this collaboration is great, consistent throughout (handled entirely by Zaytoven with one exception), and despite hating V-Nasty as a person because of past impressions, her verses work well. In fact, her verse on “White Girl” is actually one of the brighter album highlights. “Don’t give a fuck about a bitch, and how she feelin’/ Me and Gucci in the club, pulling hoes off the ceiling.” V-Nasty is one of the only things that this album can be docked for but if you’ve managed to stay above all that crap, there’s a lot to enjoy here. R.I.P. Slim Dunkin.

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