Recommended: dBridge – City of Lonely Runaways

With his recent Boiler Room mix echoing praise unanimously around the world and his own label Exit Records constantly pushing the boundaries of forward thinking productions from the likes of innovators such as ASC, Synkro and Joe Seven, it’s not surprising that his first solo 12″ of 2011 on Skream’s Disfigured Dubz should come with a degree of quality that only a man like dBridge could pull off. The man has been releasing numerous records and albums since 1994, if that’s any testament to how far back he goes. Straight off the mark you can see that these aren’t your usual club joints as they opt for a slick stripped back approach, which subscribers to the Autonomic podcasts from a couple of years back should feel completely at ease with. However, new listeners of the podcast (and maybe dBridge in general) should hopefully appreciate the amount  of work and intricacy gone in to these two tracks.

The name of the title track “City of Lonely Runaways” in itself should give a careful insight of what to expect. If Burial can come close to soundtracking to what a city may come to sounding like, then dBridge is in very close proximity to doing the same. A sparse, glitchy drum pattern rolls things forward, before a wave of melodic, modular synth lines and a hook that should no doubt bring a tear to an eye, or at least evoke some sort of deep rooted memory, work their way in. Long drawn out strings enter the mould near the end for what can only be described as an ecstatic crescendo, before slowly fluttering out in a midst of  ‘lonely runaways’. The b-side titled “Dischord” continues on a similar vibe using a warm sounding synth, reminiscent of Boards Of Canada’s “Boc Maxima“, and a simple well produced break to create an accomplished slice of overall production. These two tracks have been out digitally and on vinyl for the last week but we really can’t recommend them enough. Not only tracks for the headphones, but tracks which in the right time could cause some major lighters in the air moments.

Dis-015-dBridge-A/City of Lonely Runaways. B/Dischord by Disfigured Dubz

dBridge – City Of Lonely Runaways (Single) is out now on Disfigured Dubz


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