Randomer, Adverse & Fife

I’ve been following Randomer ever since I first heard his track Blind on the Hospital Records Podcast back in the day in which I used to be a bit of a drum and bass head and it’s great to see how far he’s come as a producer since then, releasing tracks and EP’s on labels such as Fat! Records, Tru Thoughts and Soul Jazz Records. His most recent EP out today, comes as part of two collaborations with Fife and Adverse on the hot and up and coming label Super, which I previously blogged about with the release of Taylor’s CMB. Raffertie sure as hell knows what he’s doing with this label roping in some of the most talented producers for 2011.

The track with Adverse which odes more to the dance floor is a bubbly garage anthem with old schools stabs throughout which I’m leaning more towards at the moment but the track with Fife I’d say packs more of a punch and more inclined to get a club working. Both very different and both likely to appeal to different people. Both brilliant though. Remixes come from Greymatter and Homepark who both deliver with some serious jams. I honestly recommend picking this EP up as a whole which you can do here. As well as the EP he gave out a track on his Facebook on Friday to celebrate getting ’20 more likes’. Man likes to keep it small haha. He kept to his promise and delivered with this deliciously sounding track Comeback. Cop it.

Download: RANDOMER – COMEBACK [320kbps]

Randomer & Adverse – Alizé (clip) by super

Since were on the topic of Super Recordings thought I’d quickly include a preview of the Super Volume 1 Compilation to be released in February. Tracks from Morris Cowan, Throwing Snow, Subeena, Lo:Tek, PhOtOmachine, Skinnz and Raffertie himself. Mad excited for this one, you should be too.

Various Artists – Super Volume 1 (preview) by super


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