Holy Ghost! – Do It Again

Hey what’s the matter? Nothing’s the matter. That’s why I can’t leave my house.

I realise that this is the second of my posts in a row about a New York-based artist with Ghost in their name. Sue me. This track from Holy Ghost!, who’ve been drip-feeding us tracks since 2007’s Hold On, have finally cemented a date for the release of their self-titled debut album, April 5. In advance of same they’ve dropped this slow groover called Do It Again, and when I say slow I mean 97bpm. About half-way through a heavily processed vocal “sings” a short riff and then in the next phrase it’s joined by a brass line which grows with every eight bars as the boys’ “do-do-do-do it again” refrain is repeated to close each phrase – but instead of reaching for the sky in the final minute it’s a sudden break to a repeated piano arpeggio and some swirling synths that bring things to a gentle close rather than a crashing finale.

So what’s next? After 2010’s Static On The Wire EP, and of course the various remixes they’ve put out over the last few years, all signs point towards a stellar collection of songs that tug at your heart and hips in equal measure. One can only hope that they take the DFA route and get Nancy Whang on as much of the album as possible. You can download the track here offering only your email address or a Facebook “like” in return. I think the lads are being short-changed here to be honest…

Stream: [wpaudio url=”https://truantsblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Holy-Ghost-Do-It-Again1.mp3″ text=”Holy Ghost! – Do It Again” dl=”0″]

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