Recommended: Timnah Sommerfeldt – Love Letters I

As another Truancy Compilation Two prompt, we’d love to introduce you to the gifted Swiss producer Timnah Sommerfeldt, who will be providing us with two tracks: one under her solo project entitled “Feel One’s Way”, and one with a consort under the alias a e  named “Be Strong” (previews of both will go up over the next few days). Brought up in an environment with jazz music and the practice of African percussion in abundance, an instinctive groove runs through her productions (some trax in point: “Happen“, “Missing” and the novel song “Keeping The Motion“) which sound incredibly soulful and dateless. Listing Delano Smith and G Man as her favourite producers, the influence of techno and house in her music is distinct but she draws from other crossings of music too, offering up an expressive sound sui generis. Last year, Timnah released her first 12” named “Feel Me Up” on Balance Alliance through which she gathered attention from the first and last Chez Damier. Falling in love with the art of mixing records as soon as she first got her hands on a pair of decks a few years ago, she has forgathered an incredible vinyl collection and all mixes she has offered up until now are compulsory listening for anyone with a heart for deeper house sounds: mixing the old and the new, Timnah takes you on soothing trips from Basel to Chicago, Detroit and back again with her amazing selections. Until we release our compilation, revel yourself in a couple of these recordings. Stream the first part of “Love Letters” below and find the second part here which makes over three hours of incredible music, and if you still haven’t had enough, her Schwarzeschokolade mix is a lovely treat too.

Love Letters l by Timnah Sommerfeldt

Soraya Brouwer

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