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When I realised the first thing I would be writing about after holding sloths and being washed naked in rivers by old tribal ladies, since coming back from Colombia would be something from Saigon Recordings, I chuckled to myself profoundly. This may just be a joke between me and my brother but over the month we got weirdly addicted in quoting the first line from Apocalypse Now in super deep voices, after watching it pissed on Colombian zambuca. Now, the quote and film itself may have absolutely nothing to do with the forthcoming Milyoo EP, apart from the word ‘Saigon’ but Apocalypse Now is a superb film and one of my favourites and this is an absolute superb EP which is bound to be a firm favourite of mine for months to come, and that alone should be enough reason for such a bewildered intro.

For those who aren’t familar with the works of Saigon Recordings the label itself was established early 2010 with the main focus on releasing and supporting tracks bridging the gap between techno and dubstep. Releases from Orphan 101, Duffstep and Gravious have garnered support from all over the spectrum, weaving themselves into sets of some of the biggest names from both genres. Hoping to do the same is Kentucky born producer Milyoo who already caused quite a stir last year with his debut release on Subeena’s Opit Records, which managed the catch the attention of Giles Peterson, Mary Anne Hobbs and Boomkat who charted his track “Dasein” in their 100 top singles of 2010. With the considerable amount of good music that came out last year I’d say that is no mean feat.

Titled the Kazaduon EP, Milyoo ventures meticulously into a array of wonderfully crafted production, with the title track aiming for a more melodic approach using the vocals samples as a strong point and building upon them with  soft under toned piano keys, shuffling hi hats and a basic 4×4 kick drum. The song occasionally breaks away from the soothing main vocal, cutting it up and looping them for a more danceable section in the track which only adds to value and diversity of Milyoo’s sound. Tracks like Box Of Tape mix deep atmospheric pads with bubbly acid synth lines whilst Takedown goes a bit further in showing off his drum programming capabilities. The whole EP is great with Phonix rounding it off perfectly. The far cry of the vocal sample and the natural chord progression really give off that euphoric finish to an EP that a lot of releases seem to glance over nowadays. The whole release really has that perfect flow to it and I couldn’t recommend enough that you give the whole 19 minutes of music a proper run through before jumping to any conclusions.

Stream a preview of the whole EP below and look out for the whole release dropping on the 16th May which you can pre order from here. This is also one EP of many as judging from his Soundcloud he has a whole load of releases coming out on labels such as WNCL, Fortified Audio, Night Audio, Opit and even a release on the new housing side project from Well Rounded.  To tide you over till then I suggest you download his remix of Neon Beams by Take

Milyoo – Kazaduon EP [SAIGON005] PREVIEW – Released 16th May by Saigon Recordings

Take – Neon Beams (milyoo mix) by Milyoo


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