Review: JTRP – Hypnotise EP

We recently got our hands on the hotly-anticipated sophomore release from German production duo JTRP, whose beginning-of-2011 debut EP on still stands as one of the year’s best releases. The duo, consisting of Robophil and Jorge Takei, is known for fusing together tenebrous dubstep atmospheres with stark techno-fueled rhythms and ominous melodies. Hypnotise, set for an August 1 release on T. Williams’ Deep Teknologi imprint, is a mature, well-rounded EP that quite possibly tops their self-titled debut. On the title track “Hypnotise,” JTRP kick things off in a familiar fashion, as a broken dubstep beat assaults your senses with a relentlessly heavy kick drum alongside snares and hi-hats that sizzle through the stereo field in every direction. An eerie, hollow bass line is the track’s only melodic component, but the duo’s masterful use of panning and effects makes the track dynamic and three-dimensional. This one truly shines around the three-minute mark, when the clave quickly pitches way up before executing a dizzying swan dive back into the swamp below.

“Ceddybu” is perhaps more up-front about its malicious intentions. JTRP revel in the tension that they slowly build up over the first couple minutes, recruiting siren synths and pitched down vocals to put you on the edge of your seat. Announced by a shrill scream and the sound of breaking glass, the drop wreaks havoc with a sinister synth hook and a rude, spring-loaded rhythm that could result in spontaneous combustion on the dancefloor. Closing out the EP in fine style is “Shady,” a moody late-night production that starts off in dubby territory before expanding into a more raucous affair. Folding swirling, celestial synth pads into a rhythm steeped in old-school electro and sprinkled with a bit of Funky flair, Robophil and Jorge Takei exhibit a fuller, more comprehensive production style than we’ve seen in their previous work. Serving up two immensely satisfying tracks of the signature sound we’ve come to love, alongside an offering that hints at broader production influences, JTRP have struck gold with this release.

Listen to a few clips here: DTR008 – JTRP – Hypnotise EP.

JTRP – Hypnotise EP (Deep Teknologi) out on August 1st. (Artwork: Golden Pudel)

Sam Billetdeaux