Chronicles: Jeezy Back

“Got something for you haters and it’s in that glock”

“The Real Is Back 2” is one of quite a few mixtapes Jeezy has released during what seems like the never ending wait for “Thug Motivation 103”, and they’re all over the place in terms of quality. “Trappin’ Ain’t Dead” and the aforementioned “The Real Is Back 2” are the highlights of the bunch.

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With just eleven tracks, a rarity in the game, the latter is a quick and concentrated dose of Jeezy bangers with four features from Jeezy’s latest signee, Freddie Gibbs. Gibbs, incidentally also last year’s underground g-rap MVP, sounds great here and signing with Jeezy might have just been a great thing for both of them. The best tracks here are the ones with Gibbs, particularly the mixtape’s single “Rough” for which they’ve also shot some visuals (after the jump). He’s bringing out the best in Jeezy, or at least the best version of him that we’ve heard in a while. To return to more of his earlier mixtape work, Gibbs sounds a lot better here over southern trap rap beats compared to some of the later midwest and new west sounds he was messing with pre-Jeezy. However, the most important thing here is that Jeezy sounds inspired and energized. This is the best fix we’ll get this year if Thug Motivation 103 doesn’t make it out before the year is over and with a tentative December 20th release date, that might just happen.

Stream: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Young Jeezy – Trappin’ Ain’t Dead (I’m The Truth)” dl=”0″]

If you’re still on a Jeezy high, the mostly stellar “Trappin’ Ain’t Dead” should be given a listen as well with its great eponymous opening track: “What can I say? Even the realest niggas quote Pac.” This is the Jeezy we love. The tape also features a pre-sing-rap oriented Drake and a verse from then free Boosie. 2009 has never felt so far away with Boosie now in a federal prison (FREE BOOSIE) and an OVOXO (Young Money who?) minded Drake. The synths on “Dead or Alive” will make you wish it was longer than two minutes. Production is good throughout, but Jeezy’s beat selection was never weak. It does get wild sometimes and those are the tape’s missteps. “Trap Files” is on some weird UFO-Area 51 thing and it only sorta works. I point it out because “Consistent” has a similar sound, but is a lot more successful in delivering something that sounds great and a bit different at the same time (also, all that bass).

Stream: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Young Jeezy – Dead or Alive” dl=”0″]

A picture of the present and a glimpse of the past. There’s a lot in Jeezy’s catalogue to enjoy and we can only pray that “TM103” will be among them. If “The Real Is Back 2” is any indication , I think we may be alright.

Download: Young Jeezy’s “The Real Is Back 2”
Download: Young Jeezy’s “Trappin’ Ain’t Dead”