Azari and III Go Into the Night

A day is a long time in blogland. Azari and III’s latest release has been available for at least 24 hours and already I feel like it’s too late to post these tracks. But hey, it’s not as if they’re not worth sharing and talking about. Canadian production team Azari & III have put together a delightful late-night party hoedown track in the shape of Into The Night, which drips with 80s and 90s disco/soul/rnb vibes – if it weren’t so irresistibly groovy I might raise eyebrows at the lyrics  – “I need you, I want you tonight – I feel you, don’t put up a fight”, then leading to “what you do to me is just too much” – but I doubt this is anything more than an unintentionally forceful vocal to accompany a sexual club groove rather than a mission statement for a bunch of overenthusiastic Casanovas. Once again Scion AV are spoiling us with a mammoth remix package – “indie” disco/techno darlings Nicolas Jaar and Seth Troxler all have their hands in this delicious pie, as does DFA hero Prince Language, but the standout rework for me comes from Finland’s Renaissance Man, who contribute with a simple, hypnotic, muscular tech house monster. The OG’s vocal sits gently over an introductory beatless section, before the bassline that’s alternately percussive and melodic leads to a throbbing and squelching journey into peak-time sleaze.

Download: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Azari and III – Into The Night”] (320 kbps)
Download: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Azari and III – Into The Night (Renaissance Man Extended Mix)”] (320 kbps)

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