The Long Walk Home

Originally, I had intended to finish this post at five in the morning on Saturday, after a night out of seeing Edinburgh-born producer Hostage to fit in more about what I was going to write. Alas, the alcohol consumption was too much and I passed away in to dream land… Everyone looks forward to a good night and everyone has different opinions of what a good night is. Good music, atmosphere, people. They’re all major contributions. However, one aspect that I look forward to each time I go out, that many people may just pass on by, is the walk back home. Intrigued? Let me gladly explain. I live in an area just outside of Brighton called Hove which is about a fourty minute walk from all the night life in Brighton. With no night buses travelling up the way I live, and taxis not being a poor students best friend, I have to make do with my own two legs. You guys are probably thinking this guy is nuts by now, but this fourty minutes walk allows me to play certain tracks on my iPod which tied with flashing streetlights, the odd aimless drunkard, the empty cold streets and roads of Brighton evoke some serious emotion and deep thinking. These are the kind of songs that really hit that spot.

I’ve compiled a small list of some of my favourite tracks at the moment. Its a mix of songs both old and new and some mean a great deal to me. Some you may recognise, others not, but I really hope you enjoy them. I’ve also been pretty busy with some of my own productions in a similar vein to the ones mentioned below which I’ll hopefully be able to show you guys in the foreseeable future. “It’s after the doors to the clubs have closed where track selection is most important.”

Helios – First Dream Called Ocean (Stray Remix)

Probably my favourite track at the moment. Hailing from rural Lancaster, Helios has been playing and producing music from a very young age. Being skilled in a wide variety of instruments such as drums, guitar and bass. Having studied music at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music clearly shines through in his productions; they are flawless. Stray remixes perfection by adding some solid experimental drum percussion and some haunting vocals, giving the track a lovely breath of fresh of air. Absolutely beautiful this one.

Lusine – Two Dots

Reaching number two in the “electronica” Beatport charts is no mean feat but this song couldn’t deserve it any more. Straying away from the more glitchy and dark side of IDM, Texas-based producer Lusine focuses more on melodic progression and layering different instruments in subtle ways. Delicate piano chords weave their way in and out of a strong vocal performance from guest vocalist Vilja Larjosto, that really helps bring out the most in the track. A big tune for summer I’m certain.

Breakage ft Burial – Vial

Having burst onto the scene with a string of releases on respected label Reinforced back in 2000, March 15th see’s the arrival of Breakage’s long awaited second album titled Foundation. The album includes a whole host of collaborations from artists such as Roots Manuva, Skream, David Rodigan and Kemo but the one that has really turned heads is the one with Burial. If London had a sound this track would be it.

The XX – Fantasy (Ben White Remix) (320 mp3)

Of the plethora of The XX remixes out at the moment this is probably the most refreshing. Camden kid Ben White adds some off beat drums and some  ethereal sounding pads to what could be described as a very empty original for a track three minutes in length. Fans of James Blake should definitely check this out. Ben is currently co running a new weekly night in Brighton called Aka Aka Roar which has seen huge success and seen artists such as Pangaea, Untold and Appleblim grace the decks.  Readers, if you’re ever in Brighton, you know what to do!

Bop – Song About My Dog

If a dog can be the source of a song this good it really proves that those cheeky canines are a mans best friend. Intricate drum patterns and deep, intoxicating piano harmonies ensue.

Burial – Homeless

Burial’s tracks are pretty simple production wise but my God, the way he puts together samples is nothing short of incredible. I read an interesting article about Burial a while back and there was one particular line that really stood out for me. “Burial speaks of Britain today, with all its gritty, dirty, messy impersonality. He speaks of its thoughts without forgetting its magnificent, cultural music and historical achievements. His is a balanced account of what it’s like to be British today – an account with no words just music.” I couldn’t agree more!


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  1. great tunes, loved bops song, really hit the spot after a busy day at work, CHILLED :)

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