Sunday’s Best Pt. VI

Happy Sunday’s Best, everyone! Unfortunately I won’t post the direct link to this Sunday’s Best track since it’s technically illegal, streaming will do! This track produced by our boy Swizz Beats, Roman’s Revenge, has dope 808’s drums and a filmic touch with strings and choirs and all that jazz. It It took me a while to have peace with this track since there are a few bars that are mildly inappropiate but now I absolutely can’t get enough of this track. I thought it was too theatrical as well but clearly I was wrong. Nicki Minaj and Eminem complement each other perfectly on this joint: it has been a while since I heard this kind of fierceness coming from the mouth of B-Rabbit. Or should I say agression? It’s as if he tries to catch up with Nicki’s flow. On a first listen I thought Em was trying too hard keeping up with Nicki but it ain’t a lie when I’m saying the presence of Minaj brings back the best in him, doe. And the presence of Shady brings back the best in Minaj as well: she absolutely kills it on this song and dethrones her opponent Queen Bee in just two verses with her amazing flow. I admit, beef in rap is one of my guilty pleasures. Isn’t that what hip-hop is about for a big part anyway? If you haven’t listened to it yet make sure to stream it immediately. As a bonus here’s the dub by Kingdom of Letting Go by Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj that hit the internet earlier this year. This too is just too dope: I love the world.

Stream: [wpaudio url=”’s%20Revenge%20(Feat.%20Eminem).mp3″ text=”Nicki Minaj ft. Eminem – Roman’s Revenge” dl=”0″]
Download: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Sean Kingston ft. Nicki Minaj – Letting Go (Kingdom Dub)”] (320 kbps)

I don’t know what it’s like for the people reading this but winter has officially hit Brighton and its been wet, cold and as a whole, very miserable the last week. Even Bonfire night wasn’t enough to make this week any more less enduring and I’ve had to rely on trolling Ustream sessions at insane hours of the morning as a measure of desperate enjoyment However the news that Swiss producer Wildlife!, responsible for hit track Jumbie, is back with a new EP titled ‘Buckup’ featuring an array of vocalists such as Major Mackerel, Terry Lynn and Sammy Dread, has has put a well needed smile on my face. With remixes from L-Vis 1990, French Fries, Adam Port and Douster, this well could be one of the biggest late rereleases of the year. We have the Douster remix of Galang So featuring Major Makerel to share with you guys which is a speedy 176 BPM Cumbian workout that makes me want to be transported to some hot far away island.

Download: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Wildlife! – Galang So (Douster Remix)”] (320 kbps)

Étienne de Crécy is one of those acts that I have shamefully little knowledge of, but after hearing this remix I may have to remedy that. Laberge has taken his song “Relax” and tweaked it into a blissed out disco-house groove perfect for closing your eyes and spinning around in your room to. Or dancing. Laberge has been putting excellent stuff out for some time now, and this continues his fine vein of form. It has been a bumpy few weeks for a lot of people, but this right here is the sound of optimism, a lovely track.

Download: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Étienne de Crécy – Relax (Laberge Remix)”] (320 kbps)

Few new artists have excited me over the past few months as much as Penguin Prison, in fact I wrote a lengthier item on his brilliance for TRUANTS a couple months ago. I’m literally becoming obsessed and I fear I’m becoming a bit of a bore in my unrelenting adoration for every piece of music he’s ever created. The Penguin‘s making these songs with me in mind, right? It’s the only explanation. I was lucky enough to hear a preview of the album earlier this week (due out Feb 2011) and I can somewhat predictably confirm a run of massive aces all the way.  Anyway before I resume my stalking activities outside his house and continue constructing my papier mache Penguin shrine, here’s a gorgeously moody Royal Palms remix of his new single ‘Golden Train’, infused with twinkling synthy 80’s melancholia and pleasing xylophone useage for you to obsess over with me until its full release on 22nd Nov. Join me.

Download: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Golden Train – Penguin Prison (Royal Palms remix)”] (320 kbps)

I’ve been posting lots of happy sunny type music lately, so for a change here’s something that actually makes me weep a little bit. I have to be honest and say that despite being a big fan I still haven’t watched Kanye’s epic movie Runaway, and I’m not mad on the song itself. I think I was one of the few people in the world who didn’t absolutely hate everything about 808s and Heartbreak, but even so I can’t say I like Kanye’s singing on the actual song Runaway. Which is where Them Jeans comes in. Dude has been making awesome tracks and edits this year, and his rework of Runaway takes the sad beauty hidden underneath Kanye’s arrogance and self-centredness and brings it to the fore, focusing on the simple four-note piano riff and one of Kanye’s lines, and with that building a mellow and mournful just-came-home-from-the-clurb mong-out anthem. Let’s have a toast for the douche bags.

Download: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Kanye West – Runaway (Them Jeans Remix)”] (320 kbps)

With all the consistently amazing output we’ve had from him, Ramadanman has proven himself to be an ever-growing force to be reckoned with. While his latest remix for Revolving commences beating steadily to a point where it’s almost nullified to neutral, it soon enough evolves into a whirlwind of emotions filled with longing strings and gripping vocal samples that morph from motion-filled melody to catchy drum patterns in split seconds. Original vocalist Spark isn’t something to sleep on either: eighteen years old with a debut single that releases on Neon Gold (the label that’s put out artists like Passion Pit, Marina & The Diamonds and Ellie Goulding) later this month isn’t exactly something that should stay off your radar.

Download: Spark – Revolving (Ramadanman Refix) (320 kbps)


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