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Sunday’s Best Pt. XLIX

Despite the rich musical history of Washington, DC, its neighboring suburbs aren’t the first places that spring to mind when it comes to thriving house and techno scenes. But with labels like 3024, Future Times and 1432 R, crews such as TNX and Rush Plus, and parties by ROAM and SEQUENCE, the District at-large continues […]

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Truancy Volume 182: Bullion

Bullion has had a busy July, to say the least. Earlier this month the Trilogy Tapes released their 58th record, a record that’s caused quite a stir online with it’s sea-shanty anthem title track ‘Blue Pedro’. Bullion’s regular feat of producing catchy, rhythmic melodies shines through on this jaunty jam, and it’s a superb follow […]

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Interview: GILA

Deviation’s latest release comes from GILA, an artist residing in Denver known for his “intricate and abstract beat-making” skills. He has delivered a second EP, Pick Six, which follows on from his debut project on XL Recordings – Genkidama. For those familiar with Genkidama, it can be agreed that GILA has an interest in exploring […]

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Truancy Volume 181: Detroit In Effect

Coming into producing through a series of events that involved a producer suddenly leaving the hip hop label he was signed with back in the early 90s, DJ Maaco had already gained himself quite a reputation as one of the best live DJs in the area of Detroit. Producing, however was something completely new to […]

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Interview: DJ Sports

DJ Sports is part of the Regelbau crew from Aarhus in Denmark, who’ve made a big splash on the global house scene with their breezy, earthy yet enlivening brand of music over the past few years. He’s released on the collective’s various labels (Regelbau, Help and No Hands) under his own name, in collaboration with others as […]

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Truancy Volume 180: Hakim Murphy

With a musical career spanning back as far as 1996, at a time where his influences ranged from Larry Heard, Robert Armani, Dance Mania, Relief, and Cajual records, Chicago native Hakim Murphy steps up to mix our 180th Truancy Volume. Inspired by the ethos of jazz and its principles, Hakim is a man of many collaborations, having gravitated […]

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Recommended – LAIR – LAIR EP

Irish producer Eomac launched Eotrax last year with his own Temple of the Jaguar, an 11-minute exploration of techno’s outer fringes. For the label’s second release, he’s tapped an Irish producer from outside the traditional electronic spectrum. LAIR is an Irish producer with a background in the classical world. While at university she developed an interest in […]

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Sunday’s Best Pt. XLVIII

With a couple of releases on Local Action already under his belt, NTS Manchester’s Finn has launched his own label, 2 B REAL (which we’ve been reliably informed is named after this DJ Deeon classic). Setting out with the sole purpose of creating a platform for fun dance records, he’s done just that with “Late […]

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Interview: Manchester With Love

You’d be hard-pressed to overstate the musical heritage of Manchester. From Factory Records and Joy Division to the Haçienda and Madchester, A Guy Called Gerald and Autechre to Oasis, WU LYF and the Fall, chances are you’ve felt its presence in your music library. At Truants, we’ve had Truancy Volumes from residents including Space Afrika, […]

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Truancy Volume 179: Cryptolect

Following from her crushing debut EP on UNO NYC, The Marrow In My Bones, we are extremely excited to see Cryptolect in the mix for Truancy Volume 179. Hailing from NYC, Cryptolect’s music rides the borderline of sensuality and melancholy, weaving together a wonder-world of emotional landscapes and images. It is an imaging body, conjuring […]

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Interview: Marks

Donny Marks is a producer based in Miami, Florida. For the past number of years he’s been experimenting with dark music that takes its cues from a number of sources – predominantly rap, grime and the aesthetic of horror movie soundtracks. His first release, a tape entitled Drain, is out on the UK’s exciting Coyote Records. He was also […]

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Interview: Ctrls

For Troels Baunbæk-Knudsen aka Ctrls, techno is a process of clarification as opposed to progression. His productions have found the comforts of home in Kr!z’s Token Records for the best part of half a decade now and his latest escapade on the Belgian imprint, Routing, is an incantation of his minimalist view on dancefloor techno. […]

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