Truancy Sessions S01 E06: DJ Drink Water

DJ Drink Water | Soundcloud | Instagram | Resident Advisor

A devoted music enthusiast and integral member of Washington, DC’s dance music community, DJ Drink Water seeks to become a master in sonic versatility. Starting his DJ career in 2019, he has shared bills with top local acts like Juana, Soso Tharpa, and Black Rave Culture, as well as renowned DJs such as Kush Jones, DJ Voices, and Physical Therapy. DJ Drink Water has opened for Physical Therapy, Vladimir Ivkovic, Dauwd, and Doctor Jeep in the DMV area and performed b2b sessions with soso tharpa, Babypuff, yuzhuuu, and Jacq Jill. He has also DJ’d for event series such as 140+/FWB, Formula, Black Techno Matters, and Hast du Feuer. His sets, characterized by skill and passion, aim to create meaningful connections and memorable moments on the dancefloor, blending driving rhythmic rollers with ethereal vocal escapes. In 2022, he founded the DC-based party DOJO, CASINO, currently on hiatus, to celebrate local talent and stylistic diversity. This event featured lineups including Juana, Baronhawk Poitier, Sami, and Ari Goldman. DJ Drink Water also hosts a monthly Eaton Radio show, “WAVs,” featuring collaborations with DJs like James Bangura, Ovid, Artemis.105, and Taylor Trostle. His musical fluidity and eclecticism appeal to techno devotees, seasoned international DJs, crate diggers, and dancefloor seekers alike, revealing an artist fully in tune with his craft.

What can you tell us about the mix you’ve recorded for us?

“What up, world? I knew from the jump that I wanted to have a switch-up from one end to the next that wasn’t just a BPM increase, or really even just a decrease. A tonal shift that made sense (I think it makes sense?) to demo part of my range, so in terms of genres it goes from techno to bass, and from that to house. My mixing is a little messier than I would like, but still I’m very happy with the way it turned out, and I hope it inspires the listeners to check and support the releases featured. The majority of which came out this year and last, and the mix concludes with one of my first vinyl records I bought when first learning how to DJ. Humbling, the journey and this practice is. Thank you for the opportunity, Truants, the patronage of the listeners and I hope you all enjoy. Big love, DMV <3”

Photo 1: The Stereo Bar of The Owl Room (RIP), photograph by Pegah Payandeh. Photo 2: The legend of the Zapateo vaca. Photo 3: The CURSED invention of sandal socks

Photo 4:Fantom Comics (<3), location was once a record shop (DJ Hut) and in another life a porno shop (so I’ve been told). Photo 5: Sister store, Joint Custody, the coolest nexus

Photo 6: At home set-up, tape your BPMs. Photo 7: Baltimore is fam <3. Photo 8: Via Martyn’s first workshop at the Eaton

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Artwork by Kushagra

Taylor Trostle