Premiere: Umwelt – Gravitational Lens

Coming up on their 25th release in a couple of weeks, Berlin-based label Killekilll, by now, has become a synonymous source for techno and electro in the German capital. Headed up by Nico Deuster, who’s been catering to the city’s party needs for almost twenty years,  the Killekill brand has gone from a weekly club night at Berghain Kantine to a fully-fledged physical platform with multiple offshoot labels such as Killekill House Trax and Krake. The latter comes as a result of a festival they kicked off of the same name in 2010; a Berlin-based festival for experimental dance music and abstract electronica. Over those twenty-five releases names such as Neil Landstrumm, Snuff Crew, Bill Youngman, Alex Cortex  and Eomac have all been welcomed into the Killekill fold, some of those returning for the Killekill Megahits II compilation which marks this 25th release. The milestone number also comes as a turning point for Killekill as they get set to split the label into a line of several new offshoots writing: “We are constantly getting too many demos full with good music in way too many different styles to squeeze them onto one label. So finally we have come to the point where we will start a line of new labels with different profiles to give ourselves the opportunity to feature even more daring artists and release whatever we like in the most suitable outfit for it.” Featuring twelve tracks, we’ve been given the opportunity to premiere one of those from French producer Umwelt. Owner of two labels (New Flesh and Rave Or Die),with three albums under his belt, Umwelt comes through with a sublime cut of melancholic electro.

Killekill – Megahits II is out on the 23rd May 2016


A1 / 01. Umwelt – Gravitational Lens
A2 / 02. Eomac – Angel In The Marble
B1 / 03. Dez Williams – Drakonia
B2 / 04. Bintus – Re-clocking Knob
C1 / 05. Detroit Grand Pubahs pres.Techmarine Bottom Feeder – Demon Particle Influence
C2 / 06. The Fool’s Stone – Nonversation
D1 / 07. Jerome Hill – Memory Machine
D2 / 08. Furfriend – Numb
E1 / 09. Kamikaze Space Programme – Absence E2 / 10. Cassegrain & Tin Man – Ad Hoc
F1 / 11. Blake Baxter – Acid Warp Time Travel
F2 / 12. Alex Cortex – Tensegrity

Riccardo Villella
Riccardo Villella

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