Thug House in the Building

I’ve been waiting for some new stuff from Dances With White Girls for a minute. His latest offering comes with the straight-to-the-point title of Get That Ass Up, and it’s straight up thug house. Spiralling sirens, brain-melting synths and aggressive claps, it’s like a violent ghetto vision of Marc Houle’s Bay of Figs. Lately he’s been working with ex-Rapture man Mattie Safer, their track Is That Your Girl is out soon on the Ed Banger Let The Children Techno comp, but for now you can go wile out to this. On a side note, check out his angry-as-hell edit of Lil’ Louis’ classic cut Video Clash. If you don’t know it already you’ve probably heard a snippet of in a million different mixes from Erol and Diplo and God knows who else. But you’ve never heard it like this.

Get that ass up (Demo) by danceswithwhitegirls

DOWNLOAD: Lil' Louis - Video Clash (Dances With White Girls Thug House Edit) (320kbps)

Aidan Hanratty
Aidan Hanratty

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