Com Truise

I’d like to think if this guy hadn’t named himself Com Truise my eyes would have haplessly just glanced over this EP whilst searching for new stuff on Boomkat. Goes to show a good name will get you places. I’m so glad I came across him as his Cyanide Sisters EP, previously available on AMdiscs and now reissued on Ghostly International with a professional master and and new bonus tracks, is a remarkable combination of fusing Boards of Canada, Chillwave and 80’s style modular synth action all into one bowl of awesomeness. Now I know some may scoff and frown that I’ve only found out about him now with most of his EP having been available since early July last year but I’m so blown away at the moment that I was just so propelled to do a post about him. Haters, shoot me. Looking into the background of this Com Truise guy, it turns out it’s one of many aliases of New York born producer and designer Seth Haley. Clogging in at a mammoth 11 tracks he could have easily just called this an LP but with an LP apparently in the works I myself am little excited as to see what he brings to the table if this is what he calls an EP. This guy is good and tracks such as Cyanide Sisters and Sundriped prove this. Wednesday 26th January 2011 will from now on be remembered as the day I listened to Com Truise on repeat.  Available to buy here.




Riccardo Villella
Riccardo Villella

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