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Snoretex is a man of many talents. Part of both Allez Allez and WALLS, whose self-titled album on Kompakt was a delightful 30-minute journey into quiet post-shoegaze-electronica, Mr Sam Willis is taking a detour on his own in order to keep up his creativity in the wake of completing the aforementioned album. His first single under the moniker, Strange Aeons, is out on Buzzin’ Fly next month, but for now he’s gifted us some beautiful remixes. The first is a remix of his WALLS-mate Alessio Natalizia, aka Banjo or Freakout, whose album is streaming on the Hype Machine right now.

The original Go Ahead starts off as a misty, cloudy affair, before Natalizia’s vocals turn it into a sort of impressionist indie-pop song, if you can make it through all the fuzz and haze that is. Snoretex’s remix takes it even further down the foggy rabbit hole, kicking off with a gurgling, menacing bassline that leads into a series of almost-offbeat claps, introducing the vocal in a heavily-effected fashion. That bassline threatens to overpower the vocal, almost shrouding it in its thick warmth.

The second is a remix of Perfect Eyes by Millionyoung, itself an experimental dance-pop anthem (in another life). This remix comes off as a disco-tempo combination of Nathan Fake and The Radio Department, that drifts on like a drive on a summer’s day (yes, coming back to this hazy feel, though this one is more dream than nightmare) before bringing in the vocal some four minutes in. It doesn’t stick around long, as the delightful wandering synth melody that just preceded it supercedes it, becoming the main focus of the rest of the track.

In case you’re not satisfied with these, he’s just done an interview with Dummy, for which he’s also provided a mix, one that features some more of his remixes (including one for the Harald Grosskopf reissue on RVNG) and a new track from himself called Winterval. On top of that, WALLS recently provided a mix for the Irish collective Bodytonic, which features their incredible remix of probably my favourite band in the world, Wilco. Speaking of Bodytonic, I’ve literally just discovered that WALLS are playing at this. Big news.


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Aidan Hanratty

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