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Interview: Heap

For Vienna’s electronic music scene, Florian Stöffelbauer (otherwise known as Heap) is something of a local hero. As a DJ, producer and label head, Florian has an acute knowledge of the weird and wonderful. The term ‘digger’ is thrown around frequently, often with pompous connotations. While his crates run particularly deep, Florian’s far from pretentious; […]

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Interviews, Truancy Volumes

Truancy Volume 261: Thomas Martojo

You will, of course, be familiar with the work of Thomas Martojo. The internationally recognised dance music brand, Dekmantel, for which he is partly responsible, continues to be a signature moment within a claustrophobic festival landscape. On the other hand, the Dekmantel label consistently serves as a reliable litmus test of who you should be aware of […]

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